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24-11-2011, 20:53
Drew this as a prize for a contest I held on BC a while ago. The winner: a nice fellow that goes by the name of Brother Dakath.

You know this guy's backstory, so I'll focus on the drawing.

First things first, no way was I going to fit Vulkan inside a lowly Power Armour, even one custom-made for a Primarch. He's supposed to be one of the strongest among his brothers. So I got him a Terminator armour, albeit without the usual "cabin" above his head.

I tried to make him pretty menacing and primal. Vulkan's often portrayed as being on the tamer side of the Primarch spectrum, but he was raised in a world of fire and constant natural catastrophes, fought off Dark Eldar and giant lizards, while living with a good but certainly hardened people. So he might be a nice guy, but he won't exactly think twice before dealing with any enemy in old Imperial fashion.

The flamethrower-gauntlet got changed, since the one Vulkan He'stan carriers is...pretty meh. So I turned it into a saurian mandible.

The other weapon, the hammer...well, Vulkan is a man marked by his fathers. So the idea was for him to have crafted an hammer in dark iron resembling his Nocturnean father's (a blacksmith) tool and to sculpt a father in each side. You can see his "first" father on the side of the hammer, toiling in his forge. I opted to show him instead of the Emperor to reinforce Vulkan's (and, later, his Legion/Chapter) connection to his people.

Pretty proud of him, state your mind, folk.

Son of Sanguinius
26-11-2011, 04:01
It looks cool, without a doubt. Overall, it capture's Vulkan's primal majesty, which in my experience, is often missing from Primarch art.

Couple suggestions:

- Vulkan is too small in comparison to the armor. His head and in particular his hands look miniscule against the broadness of the armor, especially the thigh plate and the shoulder pads, which look comically oversized in comparison.

- Vulkan's hammer is, unless I'm not looking at it from the right perspective, also too large in comparison to the haft.

26-11-2011, 06:37
I'd say that the look is a little too animalistic.

You mention the cabin, but his head does indeed look it is being framed by one.

His arms are far too short and his hands too slender.

Where appropriate, the Drake heads on Salamander artificer armours are never mentioned to be skulls, iirc, and that is what it looks like on here. Make it a proper snarling Drake head IMO.

The hammer-head is too simplistic, its just a block of stone on a far-too-thin haft. Give it some embellishments. I'd suggest googling "Thrall's replica hammer" and taking a look at that to get a better sense of the design.

Toomany "spikes". Tone it down a little.

I am also not seeing any Nocturnean creed in the armour other than the overload on drakes. Hammers, anvils, fire and drakes are the main symbols of the Salamanders and their Nocturnean beliefs.

His cloak is supposed to be made up entirely off Salamander hide, so I'm not too crazy with the added bone-spikes but that's ok I suppose.