View Full Version : kan wall vs greyknights

26-11-2011, 16:26
We have been playing in the adepticon team tournament for years with a horde ork/kan wall list. How have others fared against the purifier list, henchman list, or just a generic knight list in general? I know the cleansing flame from purifiers is deadly against orks and the low initiative that orks have is a huge detriment against the other units, but how do 180 orks with a kan wall really fair against them overall? Can they win 30%, 40%, or even have a 50/50 chance? I would like to hear how others have done.

26-11-2011, 20:59
Psyrifleman will tear up kan walls, even with a KFF in place. If there's a vindicare, the KFF probably won't last long. Being used to kick the Nobs out of mobs, to make them unable to really do much about palidin death stars will also be a popular trick with them.

The henchmen lists should be the easiest for orks to face, without the heavy armour or really nasty combat abilities.

26-11-2011, 22:37
Every time my GK have faced Orks it's pretty much been a whitewash in my favour and that's without Purifiers.

Bunnahabhain pretty much sums up what happens though.