View Full Version : Need help naming my nurgle chaos lord

26-11-2011, 17:01
Hello again i need help thinkin of a name for my nurgle chaos lord any help/ideas would be highly appreciated

26-11-2011, 17:11
Hmmm ... look at latin names for various illnesses, play on the festering/rotting/disgusting names, or just add a title to a suitably medieval name ...

Mendosus (full of defects), Mephitis (sulfurous wind)

Festerboil, Gutrot, Bilesnot

Arcturus the Pustulent, Skarn the Festering, Albrecht the Diseased

26-11-2011, 17:15
thank you very much
dont mean to bother you but could you give me some help naming a khorne lord?

26-11-2011, 17:18
I'd call him George, seems like a good strong name ;)

26-11-2011, 17:23
lol thats funny i am george the everchosen

Brother Alexos
26-11-2011, 17:28
Well, most Chaos names are very guttural, like the Skarn fellow above. For my own Nurgle warrior (I only have one for some reason...) I named him Or'gull Bilaxe. For Khornate armies, try for a more simple name easy to pronounce when in a bloody rage, like Rhak bloodfist, or something of the like.

26-11-2011, 17:34
ok thanks brother alexos

Deus Mechanicus
26-11-2011, 17:38
Back in the days when i played Death Guard my nurgle Daemon prince was named Bubonicus

26-11-2011, 17:43
ok so here are my lords name mephitis plague hand and Rhak the bloodied

26-11-2011, 17:45
Call him Brian Adams. If ever there was a blight on humanity... :P

26-11-2011, 17:48
Call him Brian Adams. If ever there was a blight on humanity... :P
I dont get it

26-11-2011, 17:57
the snotdaemon

26-11-2011, 18:08
Call him Brian Adams. If ever there was a blight on humanity... :P

Justin Bieber

26-11-2011, 18:10
Justin Bieber

That's vile, even for a Nurgle Lord ...

26-11-2011, 18:13
That's vile, even for a Nurgle Lord ...
agreed^ justin beiber is evil

26-11-2011, 20:58
Even the chaos gods fear Bieber. Hell even Nagash fears him :L