View Full Version : Maneater-Irongut-Mournfang Triple Threat 2500

vinny t
27-11-2011, 02:53
-Fencer's Blades
-Glittering Scales
-Dispel Scroll
-Level 4 (Lore of Great Maw)

BSB Brusier
-Crown of Command
-Heavy Armor

-Level 2
-2 Hand Weapons

10 Ironguts
-full command
-Standard of Discipline

4 Ogres

10 Gnoblars

10 Gnoblars

10 Maneaters
-full command
-scouts and stubborn
-5 sets of 2 Hand Waepons
-Gleaming Pennant

4 Mournfangs
-full command
-heavy armor and ironfists
-Dragonhide Banner

1 Sabertusk

1 Sabertusk


So this list is designed to have the Ironguts and Mournfangs deploy a little off center with the Maneaters scouting in front of the Ironguts, but still close enough to benifit from the LD9 and BSB. The maneaters do a turn one or two charge while the Ironguts and Mournfangs go around toward the middle. Most everything else is just there to redirect. The Firebelly goes by himself or in the bulls or irongut units depending on where I want him to be.

So any thoughts?

27-11-2011, 08:02
The overall list is solid save for the Maneaters. I don't think they do well in large units because you are losing 1 STR 5 attack per model in the second rank. If you split them up into 2 units of 5 they are still just as mean, and, if you give them AHW each 5 man unit would pump out 25 WS4 STR5 attacks. In my ogre army that's how I run them at least. My 5 man unit w/ poisoned attacks and the flaming banner can take out Great Unclean Ones and big gribblys with ease. As well as just munch through most rank and file!

And I run my Mournfangs w/o a standard. I find that more often than not they do enough damage to win combat and not need one and, if they lose combat and flee (God forbid), that's a free Mournfang kill as the standard would just pop. That's just my two cents though.

vinny t
27-11-2011, 14:33
Well the reason for the unit of 10 Maneaters is because I want the entire unit to scout in case the opponent has a weak point in their line that I can exploit. Also the unit of 10 is nice for points denial, its much harder to kill a unit of 10 than 2 units of 5. For the units of 5 if 1 maneater dies you lose out on 5 attacks, while in the unit of 10 if 1 dies, you only lose out on 3.

As for the Mournfangs, I only really take the standard so I can take the Dragonhide Banner. I find that with the Dragonhide Banner they hit a ton harder.