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18-04-2006, 17:17
Here is my 1500Pt army list. any tips?

Exalted champion of chaos:100Pts + mark of nurgle40Pts + halberd 4Pts = 144Pts

Marauders of chaos 10:50Pts + flails 12Pts = 62Pts

Knights of chaos 5:165Pts + chosen 60Pts + full command50Pts + mark of Nurgle 50Pts + plague banner 50Pts = 315Pts

warriors of chaos 20:280Pts + Mark of Nurgle 50Pts + halberds and shields 60Pts = 390Pts

Marauder horseman 5:65Pts + musician 6Pts + flails 10Pts=81

Chariot of chaos:120Pts + Mark of Nurgle 15Pts = 135Pts

Chariot of chaos:120Pts + Mark of Nurgle 15Pts = 135Pts

Chariot of chaos:120Pts + Mark of Nurgle 15Pts = 135Pts

by the way the exalted is in the chariot:D

18-04-2006, 17:31
Well, seems nice, however, there are a few changes I'd like to make.

First of all, the Book is useless, a single lvl 1 wizard won't do anything good for you, I'd drop it this instant.
I'd also give the Exalted a Hallberd or the Berserker sword instead of a Greatweapon so that he does stand a chance if bogged down in combat, things goes a lot easier when the enemy doesn't get the time to strike at your shiny chariot and get extra CR from that.

Your marauder-wing is a fairly standard tactic, however, your wing have some flaws.
First of all, it doesn't need a full command, not by a longshot, a Musician should be all it needs.
Secondly, the points wasted on Lightarmour won't do you any good, the Lightarmour won't protect the marauders and the points could be used to get more of them or more warriors, drop the Lightarmour.
As for Flails, should be nice, Greatweapons also work very well when using a marauder wing mind you.

Your Knights are fine, though I'd also upgrade one Knight to a Musician and throw in the Warbanner to ensure they make it in combat.

Your Warriors needs tweaking, LOTS of tweaking.
Warrior blocks of 12 is only a waste of points when playing Nurgle, you pay for much more than you actually get.
Chosen isn't an allt too bright investment either, more Warriors in a nurgle force are far superior to more attacks.
This also holds true for the Additional Handweapons, Hallberds and Shields costs just as much but work much better.
Your second unit also needs to use Hallberds instead of Greatweapons, they'll kill just as many enemies, but will have a chance to do so before the enemy strikes at them.
You should also put Musicians in your units, trust me, the time you fail a Breaktest because some Gobblin Wolfriders hit you in the flank and won by 1 due to them having a musician and not you, you WILL regret it.

Your Horsemen is a wise investment to begin with, however, more than on any of your other units, they need a Musician, also, a Champion is an easy way out for a Wizard to challenge than to take a frontal charge from the horsemen. The banner will also grant the enemy another 100 vp's for taking out the unit, remember, Horsemen are harassers and sacrificial troops, not chosen Knights, they shouldn't even consider taking an enemy head on unless it is a kamikaze mission.
Throwing xes are also worthless, 5 strength 4 shots might kill a single Fanatic, but not more, drop the axes.
Now, the bes marauder horsemen setup is this:

5 Marauder Horsemen, Musician, Flails... 81 pts

The unit can flank anything and come out on top, it can flee charges and have a reliable chance to rally and it can go for kamikaze missions which you know they'll die from, simply due to 1. having flails, 2. having a musician and 3, keeping their cost down.

So, Warriors in blocks of 16 or 20, changes to the varius Marauders, slight drop on your Exalted and you should be set

18-04-2006, 17:49
Ive certainly changed it however might of got worse

18-04-2006, 18:00
Drop Chosen and the Plague Banner from your Warriors.

If you are going to field a Sorceror, he MUST be level 2, otherwise a lvl 1 caddy, yours is neither, drop him, he's just sucking up points.
(and I even doubt a single lvl 2 sorceror might be able to pull off some cool moves on the field allone).

From that allone, you would have 281 points, almost enough to get a second large block of Warriors with Hallberds and Shields (NOT additional handweapons!), so a second unit but using 16 nonchosen Warriors of Chaos, or two large blocks of marauders with Lightarmour and Shields, that would indeed make for a scary army to face at 1.5k

18-04-2006, 18:07
once again changed

18-04-2006, 18:10
You still need command for your Warriors, and infantry blocks are often far more useful than Chariots in the long run, also, as I said before, Hallberds pay off much better than Additional Handweapons and Shields gives your Warriors a 4+ Armoursave vrs shooting

18-04-2006, 18:12
Your list might've gotten worse since you haven't implemented some key changes Neknoh advised...

Chosen warriors are too expensive for what they do, especially in smaller lists like this one. Eenemies will avoid such a big, expensive unit at all costs, while blasting it with war machines and shooting for relatively easy VP. You'd be better off dropping their 'chosen' status and dropping their number to 16 or so. That will free up some points for some extra units, like small groups of 5 warhounds as a shield or flankers, and/or a Spawn.

Drop the Great Weapon on the champ. Unless you plan on taking your champ chariot-hunting, he doesn't need STR 7 if that means losing his awesome initiative to the 'always strike last' rule. If you have the points available, give him a Berserker sword. I've said it before and I'll say it again: berserker sword + chariot base size = lots of extra attacks and lots of extra kills. If you really can't be bothered, give him a Halberd instead. STR 6 is more than enough against most units.

Also, I don't see the point of your single mounted sorc. You won't get a single spell off against anyone with only one level of magic, and since he's not carrying any dispel scrolls it doesn't look like he's a scroll caddy either.
Putting him on a horse only means that it's easier to shoot him.
Right now, you have 101 wasted points that would be better used on an aspiring or exalted champion, or on more troops.

Last point: do get that musician for your knights. If combat is tied or, gods forbid, your expensive unit starts to run to the table edge, you'll be glad you got the guy. Also, the Warbanner might be more useful than the plague banner (chosen knights should have no problem whatsoever getting kills in without the banner)

Your list is getting there, but one thing you have to do is to really think about what role you want each unit to fulfill in your battle plan, and if they're properly equipped to do so...

18-04-2006, 18:13
Darn, don't start changing things while I'm typing... :D

Also, should there really be 3 chariots in there or is that an odd typo?

If it's no typo, beware... some people might frown upon taking that many chariots in a 1500 point game...

18-04-2006, 18:14
trust me going against 3 chariots of chaos one with a exalted in scares the @/!* out of most people

18-04-2006, 18:16
Yeah, but it borders on abusing the fact that Chaos has chariots as core though. few 1500 point armies will be able to take such a thing on.

18-04-2006, 18:18
Except that a good block of Stubborn or Unbreakable troops (heck, even Swarms) will suddenly make half of your units unusable and perhaps even butcher them due to the incapabillity of Chariots to fight themselves free, you'd also want something else than a single 10 man Marauder wing to protect your Warriors flank

perhaps drop one of the Chariots and simply go for Shields on your Warriors in favour of a block of 20 Marauders with lightarmour, Shields and Full Command

That would still leave you with 2 main line blocks, 1 sledgehammer, 2 hammer units, 1 fast support and one slower support unit.

A fairly nice army if you ask me

18-04-2006, 18:22
Agreed. Also, any army with a cannon might make very short work of your list.
You might want to throw in a few Furies or some Hounds to take care of those if you want to keep the chariots.

18-04-2006, 18:23
Well i now like my list thank you for the help but why are you so obsessed with halberds

18-04-2006, 18:28
So, my list for you would look something like:

Exalted Champion of Nurgle, Hallberd, Crimson Armour of Dargan... 164 pts

10 Marauders of Chaos, Musician, Flails... 79 pts

5 Chosen Knigts of Nurgle, Full Command, Warbanner... 300 pts

20 Warriors of Nurgle, Full Command, Shields... 405 pts

25 Marauders of Chaos, Full Command, Lightarmour, Shields... 200 pts

5 Marauder Horsemen, Musician, Flails... 81 pts

Chariot of Nurgle... 135 pts *

Chariot of Nurgle... 135 pts

* = Exalted rides in this chariot

Total points 1499
Models in army: 68 models
Powerdice 2
Dispelldice 2

18-04-2006, 18:31
The reason we are obsessed with hallberds is the simple facts that with Initiative, strength and Weaponskill 5, you WILL butcher at least 3 models before they get to strike at you if you have a frontage of 4 with a Champion.

Whilst if you have to strike last with only a 5+ save to cover your ****, you will be suprised at how many units can do serius harm to Chaos Warriors with even the modest strength of 4, resulting in you not getting to strike back with as many attacks and still killing less than with Hallberds due to the fact that there are very few Toughness 4+ troops out there (and still, wounding on a 3+ is very nice aggainst them if you strike at I 5).

18-04-2006, 18:33
Don't know why Neknoh likes them, but for Chaos Warriors they're just a great choice. They give you the same 5 STR that other races get from great weapons, but they allow you to keep the good initiative that CW's have.
I play against Dwarves and Lizardmen a lot, and have seen my CW's win engagements simply because the could hit the enemy first in the second round, insuring that my opponent wouldn't get too many hits back in. You won't win every combat in the first round, and being able to dominate subsequent rounds due to your high Ini and your ability to still punch through heavy armor is a valuable asset.

I only prefer additional hand weapons against armies with light armor and/or low toughness, or Bretonnians (their ward save becomes better if your strength increases due to the halberds, so it's more useful to have more attacks and have a slightly better chance of getting hits in)

I like Neknoh's list, but I'd still drop 4 or so warriors to get a few Hounds or Furies to deal with cannons and war machines... Chariots can be suprisingly fragile against some armies.