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28-11-2011, 18:34
Just wondering about a few things...

If you give a Chosen Champion Mask of EEEEE! (Causes Terror) does this mean you can re-roll the EoTG roll at the start of the game if you get terror?

Also if your Chosen Champion has the Favour of the Gods magic item, can he use it to influence the EoTG roll at the start of the game or any blessing given by a warshrine? and can a character do the same if he joins a unit who gets a blessing from a warshine?

28-11-2011, 19:31
Alright here goes;

It is a bit debateable about the Mask of EEEE!, partially as the unit does not cause terror, only a single model causes terror. Personally if it was me, I would not allow a re-roll for this. That said the Wailing Banner from the rulebook gives the whole unit terror thus would allow the unit to re-roll those results.

If your chosen Champion has the favour of the Gods then yes, he can influence the EoTG roll at the start of the game or any blessing they are given by the warshrine.

Likewise if you have a character has the item and he is with the unit when it is blessed from a warshrine you may use the item, as the character is part of the unit at that time. Note you roll for the Chosen's pregame EoTG before you would put out characters so he would not effect that one.

28-11-2011, 21:21

thanks for clearing that up!

I'll go with all these! I agree with the mask of eeee one aswell!

28-11-2011, 22:18
I feel as though I should add a disclaimer to this thread. By taking the terror banner, FOTG and a warshrine, you can guaranty that your chosen will get a 12 on the chart by turn 1.

That said, the unit you're thinking of building is currently just about the most broken thing in warhammer, both because it is genuinely unfun to play against, and exploits the game system to produce an absolutely ridiculous effect (3+ Ward save Tzeench Chosen with Stubborn). I've used it once in a campaign game where a former ally had back stabbed me and had a 500point advantage, and tabled him. Use it once for ***** and giggles, but I really encourage you not to make it a staple in your army.

29-11-2011, 12:07
...and yet my Chosen were wiped out on turn one last time I used them, by the Dreaded 13th Spell cast with Irresistible Force. The game before that, they spent four turns butchering their way through four 30 point units of Hounds because my opponent outmanoeuvred me and left the Chosen with nothing else to fight; they're only infantry after all.

They're nasty, they really are, I'm not saying they're not... but they're a long way from being the worst thing in the game.

the Goat
30-11-2011, 11:05
They're nasty, they really are, I'm not saying they're not... but they're a long way from being the worst thing in the game.
They are not unbeatable every game. But they are unfun every game. That is reason enough to never put them on the board.

01-12-2011, 02:31
@SunTzu, the Dread 13th is pretty ridiculous, and absolutely works Warriors of any stripe (perfect counter, given their high cost, resistance to most uber spells targetting all models in unit, and small size). I agree that 3++ chosen deathstar isn't the worst thing in the game (obviously that award goes to Dread 13th! :p ), but it's in the running for top 10. I do however think it is one of the most broken units, as it clearly is exploiting the BRB items to achieve something it never really should have been able to achieve in the first place.

To be honest, my biggest fear with using the 3++ Chosen Deathstar is bringing it and losing! My gaming group would NEVER let me live it down :)

01-12-2011, 07:18
I have never let one of our local Warriors of Chaos live down I have beat his Chosenstar on two occations *and with out using skaven!*.

It is beatable, and it is a large point drop and can be distracted and redirected. But it requires alot to insure it is beaten and even the attempt it frot with danger of your dice betraying you. So it is still one of those things I dread seeing across the table from time to time.

01-12-2011, 09:48
Some armies can beat them others can only hope to stay away from them.

When playing my WE I really dont like facing an army consisting of

Big block of 3+ chosen, halberds, shields
Big block of khorne warriors, halberds, shields
1-2 tzeench warshrines
1-2 hellcannons
sometimes 1-2 units of knights
a few small units of hounds

Except for the hounds the knights are the weakest link and the probability of killing anything else is rather low. With massed shooting and some trees I can maybe kill for example a warshrine but usually it takes long enough to let one of the blocks charge my tree unit and I lose that combat on points.