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Lord of War
29-11-2011, 03:47
I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place. I done some research on both armies. I just can't decide which to go with. What army would be more fun, cost efficient, and competitive?

29-11-2011, 04:07
Fun is entirely subjective and up to you.
Cost efficient (in terms of money?) probably Tau. IG will require a bunch of tanks and/or infantry while the current state of the Tau army probably means used stuff can be had fairly inexpensively.
Competitive, IG by a huge margin for the moment. If rumors are true that Tau are going to get a new codex in the next year or so then who knows.

Frankly I always think we need more alien players, and if you start Tau now, then by the time the new codex is released you will already have the existing stuff and can concentrate on getting all the shining new toys instead of needing to spend money on the stuff that has been around for a while.

29-11-2011, 04:11
They are both fun to play with and against. Tau currently can be a little frusterating to play with due to old codex syndrome, but that is getting cured shortly. Your wallet will probably be hit just as hard either way you go, and once the Tau get their new book in a couple months, the competitiveness will probably be equal to the IG.

If you go Tau, maybe hold off buying a codex, or maybe even see if you can buy a cheap used one. Get the models you think are cool, and hobble together an army, and start experimenting with what works, and what doesn't.

You seem like you might be a new player, so don't be sad when you lose.......alot.

You can have the best most powerful codex out there, and the best army list possible with that army, but untill you know how to use it, the veterans will stomp you with weaker armies. But just learn from them, and you will get it.

29-11-2011, 04:12
Fun? Unknown, we don't know what you like.

Cost Efficient? Harder. It depends on the army builds. Obviously, if you go IG Horde, that will cost you more. If you build a lot of Tanks, than that can easily cost you more. Crisis and Broadside Suits are sold individually, so building up a good stable of them can be quite expensive. But 2 Tau Battleforces can usually give you a very cost efficient start.

Competitive? Imperial Guard. A much newer codex, and they can provide a lot of firepower at a very low cost. The most common representation of this the Leaf Blower list which puts a lot of semi-cheap meltaguns in Chimera bunkers to wipe out the enemy.

29-11-2011, 07:35
I am a imperial guard player.

I have been from the start of my journey into and beyond 40k.

And i would rationaly advise you to go with Tau ;-).

Simply because they are due for a new codex. And if you think they are 'just' as cool as imperial guard is right now. I am willing to bet you a drink or two that you will consider them cooler when the new codex hits the shelfs.

So, if you choose guard you would make a great short term choice, i would absolutely aprove. But i would like to warn you that you might be sorry about your choice if the new tau codex hits the shelfs. And if you start Tau now, you might have a nice small army to upgrade with new toys when they are released.


i will never join tau because i will always consider the IG cooler then they are ! ;-) but the above advice is for your specific situation ;-)

29-11-2011, 13:40
I'm an IG player from the beginning.
I'll try to give you some answers (my opinions) regarding the IG part.

Fun: In my opinion IG army is very versatile and you can play a lots of lists and variants both fun and competitive.
Cost: IG horde army is expensive.IG mech army is expensive.IG aircav army is expensive.IG semimech army is expensive.
IG army is expensive because once you got the "IG virus" you'll never stop. And are so many different armies (mine is based on cadians models but I also have a force of Steel Legions models and also some Valhallans which I want to expand to a company and platoon status).

From the competitive point of view IG is at this moment above Tau (despite some list aka Stelek's which can put some serious problems). But Tau is going to receive a new update next year so this army can be at parity with the imperial one (both of them are shooty style army). If you can wait couple of months, you will be able to decide better.

But I have to admit that I dislike Tau army.

Commissar Merces
29-11-2011, 14:57
Imperial Guard. Very flexible with big guns, lots of troops, and the best tanks in the game. I seriously recommend them if you are interested in running a lot of meat and potatoes kind of guys, or an elite unit of men with a lot of special weapons and quick striking deployment.

Don't do Tau, they're blue!

29-11-2011, 16:26
it all comes down to:
mobility and sooting(Tau), or toughness and shooting(IG)?...
simple question that YOU have to answer. after that, if you like the playstyle and models, great.

29-11-2011, 16:43
Its a bad time to ask, unfortunately. Tau are getting a new book in the not-too-distant future (but we don't know precisely when- it could be 4-5 months, it could be 8-9 months), and will hopefully be brought up to code. At the moment, anything tau can do, guard can do better.

29-11-2011, 16:56
I'm a Tau player who started 2 years ago and I was in the same exact dilemma you were, I was interested in Tau and IG.

First off, there are strong rumors that Tau are coming out with new models and codex spring of 2012. Redesigned Crisis Suits, new races etc etc. So if you choose Tau, I would say wait until then.

Anyway lets look at advantages and disadvantages of both:

Tau advantages:
- cool futuristic looking models (Devilfish, hammerhead, piranha, stealth suits)
- They are a strong shooting army
- Strong anti tank ability with Railguns on hammerhead and broadsides
- Interesting fluff that contrasts the rest of the 40k universe, instead of decaying empire of Earth, Tau seem to be an up and coming empire with a bright future
- They have a Covenent like feel to them (from the Halo video game series). The Tau Empire is a collection of different races working together so if you like the idea of having different aliens in your army they may be up your ally
- They arent really a horde army so you wont have to paint a ton of models like Orcs and IG
- I've seen a ton of different color schemes for Tau that worked so it seems you have more freedom here too

Tau disadvantages:
- Though they can be competitive, if youre interested in playing in tournaments seriously they probably arent the best competitive army out there
- Tau SUCK at close combat, if you want a CC heavy army look elsewhere
- The codex is old and some of the rules just dont belong in current 5th edition (but allegedly a new codex is coming in 2012)
- few troops choices that arent very resilient when it comes to taking objectives (again this may change with demiurg in new codex, see rumors)

Imperial Guard advantages:
- You like the army men look? Thats what you get with IG.
- Big, Tough Tanks
- Overwhelming Artillery and shooting
- STill a very competitive tournament army

Imperial Guard disadvantages:
- they are a horde army therefor you will be painting a ton of models
- right now they fit into the "Vehicle" spam metagame of 5th edition, but 6th edition is right around the corner... will vehicles still be as strong then?
- paint scheme wise its mostly either green or grey with these guys... yawn.

I say go with the models and fluff and playstyle you think you'll like best. Are you gonna be a big tournament player? go IG. Do you want to paint all sorts of fun little alien doods? go Tau.

29-11-2011, 17:15
Imperial Guard disadvantages:
- they are a horde army therefor you will be painting a ton of models
- right now they fit into the "Vehicle" spam metagame of 5th edition, but 6th edition is right around the corner... will vehicles still be as strong then?
- paint scheme wise its mostly either green or grey with these guys... yawn.

As a Guard player, I disagree with much of this.

Paint schemes are as varied as your imagination.

They fit the vehicle heavy meta-game at the moment. They also have plenty of perfectly good infantry heavy builds.

The horde aspect only applies if you choose to build a horde. Mechanized veteran type lists have similar model counts to Marine lists.

29-11-2011, 23:10
both armies are quit fun to play, I rsan them both, out of the two less people will pull that face if you play tau over guard.