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Chapter 1

On the crownworld of the Newt Dynasty the Phaeron Havon, discusses the offer made by the C’tan to the Necrontyr with his Royal Court. As a powerful Phaeron Havon’s Royal Court size is admirable, in his throne room sat approximately 30 Lords who also had their own Royal Court. Out of all the Lords present only one was doing the majority of the talking, and it was the Phaeron’s son Cornelius. “Can they be trusted?” Cornelius asked his father as he got out of his seat and walked towards the window. In the streets he saw his subjects celebrating another victory and the arrival of the Nemesor.

He took in a deep breath before finally saying, “Most of the other nobles are to blind by the idea of immortality to stop and question the price of such a gift.” Whispers from the nobility filled the room, as anticipated by Cornelius who was playing the crowd.

After several seconds he turned around and pointed a finger towards himself than to the crowd and said, “I do not refer to us the Lords of the Newt Dynasty but of others, the enemy of my enemy is worth forming an alliance, but to bestow ones deepest desire because of such a relationship is unheard of. We were to fight for our immortality not have it given to us.” The Lords all were shaking their head in agreement with the young Overlord when Havon, rose from his throne. He walked to the window to see the citizens make way and cheer for Nihar, Cornelius’s older brother and Nemesor of the Newt Dynasty.

Havon started to speak with a slight hint of anger in his voice, “The Old Ones have slaughtered us for generations, they are the source of all of our problems, the very reason for these petty Wars of Secession, the C’tan offer us so much for so little, I wonder their true intent”.

“My intent was victory”, Nihar said as he entered the room with a big smile on his face interrupting the meeting in grand fashion.

“You simply refuse to follow typical protocol, even amongst your father’s royal court”. Cornelius said, with a grin on his face.

“I have been gone for several months protecting our borders from the Nekthyst Dynasty and the first thing you do is criticize me”, Nihar responded with a smirk on his face.

Cornelius and Nihar both started to laugh as they embraced each other. Havon interrupted their laughter by giving the command for his Royal Court to leave. Following typical Necrontyr etiquette the members of the Royal Court all left the throne room in an orderly fashion.

Once all of the members of the Royal Court had left, Havon turned around with a smile on his face and embraced his son and said, “Another victory for the Newt Dynasty and it’s all because of my oldest son Nihar. Your battle prowess on the battlefield is unparallel. Your soldiers gladly sacrifice their lives to see you live as you have become a symbol to them. A symbol that represents the Necrontyr pride and resolve, and that is why other dynasties fear you and that is why only fools attempt to destroy the Newt Dynasty.”

He then looked at Cornelius, “While you lack the physical prowess of your brother, your military genius is only rivaled by your brother. Your brother has won many battles but you have prevented twice the amount because of your ability to sway royal courts. One could even say that your tongue is the most powerful weapon the Newt Dynasty possesses.”

He slowly walked back to the throne and sat and said in a serious tone, “As Phaeron of the Newt Dynasty my voice is well respected by the Triarch, I bear the weight of a decision that will affect all of our people forever, so I ask you two not as my sons but as my Overlords and most trusted members of my royal court what should I do?”.

The atmosphere changed both sons knew this and approached their father as Phaeron of the Newt Dynasty. Cornelius gave a Necrontyr gesture acknowledging his brother’s position as Nemesor, and gave him the right to speak first. He dropped to one knee and looked up to his father and said, “As Nemesor of the Newt Dynasty I advise you to accept the offer, not only will we be able to defeat our nemesis but we will obtain immortality. The Newt Dynasty’s army is tired of winning pointless battles against our own, when our true opponent lives mocking us with their immortality and webway portals. Let’s unite with the C’tan and finally bring the Old Ones to justice.”

Nihar rose to his feet and gave a Necrontyr gesture to the Phaeron before handing the floor over to his younger brother. Cornelius dropped to one knee and said, “As the highest ranked member of your Royal Court and the leader of your Counsel, I advise you to accept the offer. Generation upon generation have fallen to the Old Ones, the only acceptable punishment is death. If the C’tan can help us achieve the goals of my father’s father and his father and so on than it is worth the risk. I am slightly hesitant because I don’t understand why we became fixated on eternal life? I would like to live a long healthy life, but I am not sure if I want to live forever. I wonder why the Silent King of the past started a war against such an enemy as the Old Ones just for the chance to be immortal.”

Cornelius memories were slightly blurry as he tried to remember as much about the past as possible. He remembered the biotransference, the war against the Old Ones, the destruction of the C’tan, and the order to be put to sleep, however he could not remember where Quince the crownworld of the Newt Dynasty was located. This frustrated him and he blamed the Silent King, he did not understand the Silent King’s decision, and he never has. Cornelius wanted to ask the Silent King several questions but for now his main agenda was finding Nihar’s coreworld. He remembered the location of that planet and hopefully Nihar will remember where Quince was, so that they may awaken their father.

Thanks for reading and please leave any suggestions as I am trying to become a better writter.

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im a bit confused.... so was the entire thing except the last paragraph a flashback of Cornelius?

30-11-2011, 12:51
Yes, most of the first chapter is about Cornelius having a flashback. He is trying to remember the days before the biotransference, and he is able to remember the day he and his brother advised their father to accept the C'tan's offer.

03-12-2011, 01:57
Maybe make the divide a little more obvious (maybe with asterisks?) Other than that I like it. Good work

04-12-2011, 15:23
I will try to make it a little bit more obvious, thank you for reading and voicing your opinion.