View Full Version : Starting Fantasy, general Dwarf question/state of the game

30-11-2011, 18:35
I've been playing 40k for a while and I'd like to collect a WH army, I'm not concerned about army 'strength', mostly models and fluff. I like Dwarves but they don't have any really "gotta have" big models.

I'm not fiahing for rumors per se, but I'm wondering if the community can give me a rough idea where Dwarves are in the release pipeline. I mean, I know they're book is pretty old but are they popular enough where I could expect an update relatively soon, say ~2 years? Are they a periphery army that'll potentially go 10+ years between books?

Also, I've noticed some incredible models being released for other armies, should I expect the same for Dwarves? Has GW been pushing tge envelope with all new armies like they've been doing on the 40krelease side?

Thanks in advance, I'm just trying to get a feel for the Fantasy environment before I jump in. I like Wood Elves too.

The Low King
30-11-2011, 18:49
There are a few rumours floating around that say dwarfs are early next year.....but many have been dismissed. I would say definatly within the next two years (they are quite popular).

Dwarfs have some very nice models just not a big centrepiece model. Gyrocopters are pretty cool though. Its also quite likely they will get something like a big mechical or runic monster in their new book.

30-11-2011, 19:01
The main issue with Dwarfs in 8th is that there are only a couple of army builds you can use which win games. They *can* do well, but you have to take the same war machine runes, the same great weapons hordes etc.

The new edition will (I hope) be fairly soon, and offer us stunties a few more options for competitive play styles.

That aside, they're a great army with good fluff. Invest in slayers on ebay before they get redone and made awesome :)

30-11-2011, 19:19
I'm not too concerned with army builds, I'm mostly a collector. With that said, I still like to build a legal army within the FOC. There are plenty of cool models throughout all of the armies, I just don't typically buy random models... I guess its kind of weird considering I probably won't play with them.

If I do go with Dwarves, are there models I should avoid because they have a chance of being replaced by newer sculpts? Slayers were mentioned.

The Low King
30-11-2011, 19:27
all the metal ones might be replaced......the hammerers especially i would say

Ironbreakers and Longbeards (metal one) might be replaced but they are worth buying anyway. You shouldnt avoid models that will be replaced, you should buy the ones you like before they are replaced.

There are a couple of units that arnt worth taking/buying atm but the majority of the troops are similar enough that you can build armies around all of them.

30-11-2011, 19:29
I disagree with calnen; there is a much larger range of Dwarf army builds that can work in 8th edition, as the changes have been almost entirely good for them. Sure, like any army, here are some units which currently are far from optimal, but you can make just about anything work fairly easily. If you have a theme in mind, then it probably wouldn't take much to tweak it into a competitive build, and most should at least be perfectly playable in a friendly setting anyway.

GW updates for fantasy so far have been really good, though no-one knows yet what the reduction in magic items trend is going to do to the Dwarfs, since their current list has it's own unique magic item rules for building whatever magic weapon or armour combo you could desire; something I sincerely hope they keep, though it could certainly use some simplifying and tweaks.

It seems likely GW are going to try and add something to the army, which personally has me quite concerned, since something monstrous doesn't really suit the dwarfs. I'm hoping for something more along the lines of new centre-pieces for characters; I custom-built a War Horn (giant horn that the thane/lord stands on, with four bearers) which would be a great thing to see as a kit, as currently Shieldbearers are about the most centre-piece we get besides the Anvil of Doom.

Anyway, with regards to time-frame, Dwarfs shouldn't be far off, as they're due after Wood Elves and Bretonnians, however there are rumours of Vampire Counts and Empire jumping the queue, and if the rumour about GW's decisions being based on compatibility with the new magic system, then Dwarfs may be about to jump the queue in the same way. I'm not sure how much weight I'd put to that though, as personally I don't think Dwarfs are broken in the sense of magic; they don't have any, and their anti-magic can be crazy, but the Dwarf player really has to pay the points for their anti-magic, so it's not exactly unbalanced right now.

The only mustn't have model right now really are the Flame Cannons; but if you're collecting an army for appeal, then I'd definitely recommend them, as they're great models. No idea what the future holds for them, but I'd personally get them in metal in case they're heading for the Finecast bin. Rules-wise they were crippled by an insane FAQ decision, however, if you play with a decently friendly crowd then I'm sure they'll let you play it with it's old 12" range back again (pick a spot within 12", add artillery dice, place template), as this makes it semi-useful again, though still overcosted in points.

Some people avoid the Gyrocopters as well, but they're great models, and one of the few to really benefit from becoming Finecast (the metal ones were a nightmare to build). They're overcosted, and for some reason they are still lumbered with the partial hits rule (another FAQ blunder spectacular), however, their damage output is secondary anyway as they are still very useful for ensuring enemy units are run down once defeated, and well worth the points if used correctly, plus they great :)

Slayers are the only other thing I can really think of; however, their Unbreakable rule is still extremely useful, and they can actually function well in smaller unit sizes simply to lock-up an enemy for longer than they're worth to cut-down. Big units are still fun and plenty viable.

Basically; unless you plan to take only the unviable units, you can build a list that looks great, and is fun to play in a variety of settings.