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01-12-2011, 06:30
So i am new here at warseer and I am not really sure where to put this but this seemed like the place. I have been a long time follower of warhammer story but the having to be assembled and painted thing. As well as living in a very small town has kept me from actually participating in the hobby.

I am planning on atleast buying the Tau codex when ever the new edition comes out and the general rules. So I thought I'd make some background for my Army that in all likely hood I'll never actually have and post it here. Just tell me what you think.

Cadre Opportunity and Trial

An army consisting of Fire Caste from both Fi'rios and Ksi'm'yen. As two of the main strongholds of the third sphere expansion and being located realitively close to each other. These two worlds have come to rely on each other despite their differences in philosphy.

This is particulary true of the Fire and Air Caste's as new recruits are constantly required for expeditions into expanding the Tau empire. The two worlds have taken to splitting the burden of providing personal for the various expeditions between them.

Thus reducing each others loses from any one failed campaign. While also sharing in the gains from any sucessful enterprise. This and careful planning of which campaigns to undertake have played a key part in the raise to septdom (WORD?) in these two young colonies.

The differing philosphies of the two worlds while some times a weakness is surprisingly more often a strenght. As the realitively inexperienced members of Ksi'm'yen's Fire caste rely on the hardened memebers from Fi'rios when the crap hits the fan. The Fire warriors from Fi'rios appreciate the Ksi'm'yen's excellent instincts for finding targets of opportunity.


this union of the two forces requires that Ksi'm'yen's forces be some what soft in heavy warfare and that Fi'rios would rather not pay a heavier price than they need to, while still accepting that some times it's unavoidable. Which is backed up some what by the story of their founding and what they are reknown for according to the lexicanum wiki.


forces each brings to the fight

fi'rios having limited heavy manufacturing due to the heavy fighting needed to take the world from the orks have only a small armoured devision. but being rich in resources and population (due to inforced breeding).

most of the fire warriors
some crisis battlesuits

alien allies
Kroot Warpack

Ksi'm'yen having largely intact production capabilites but lower resources and population (Due to the world having a resident speices and the difficulties of population control with two speices sharing the world.)

stealth suits
path finders
majority of the crisis battle suits
some fire warriors
gun drones sniper drones

alien allies
Vespid Stingwings

shared forces by both worlds

limited skyrays
limited devilfish
limited piranha


so tell me what you think.