View Full Version : Glade Riders

02-12-2011, 13:25
My wife is starting a wood elf army and absolutely loves the glade rider models. That being said, I am looking for any pointers on the best way to use them as I have never played with them and rarely against them. Thanks for any and all help.

02-12-2011, 14:35
Run around and shoot. Only charge if it's REALLY weak.

They do the fast cav bait game really well.

So really just tell her to start off with running around and shooting. The rest will come with time :)

02-12-2011, 21:30
Combine them with Scouts. 5 Glade Riders and 5 Scouts is 10 shots hitting on 3s (vanguard and scout moves/deployment), that will help vs

Plus with an Eagle on each flank that's three annoying units your opponent doesn't want to deal with.

It also gives you 3 units to charge at a warmachine. Target saturation is good and this builds on the MSU theme. You could also add Waywatchers and Wild Riders for more effective use.

Just don't throw them away, they will die fast. But loosing a couple cheap units is OK in bigger games :)