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02-12-2011, 22:32
Hi guys,

I'm currently thinking about selling some painted 40K model (and maybe fantasy but I don't know the game as well, wich I think is quite important since people probably don't buy bad models as much as good ones :p) and doing some commission painting (starting small with a squad or model based order only). I'm looking for insight as to wich are the painted model that sell the best, am I better to simply sell some good tabletop quality model with a quite low price or very good quality models but with a higher price..? is comission painting the only way to get some benefit or selling random painted model on ebay is worth it?

In fact, i'm looking for any advice you could all give me regarding the painted model market and a good way to start selling some models. Thanks to all of you in advance!

02-12-2011, 22:44
If it's a unit people regularly search for (grey hunters, long fangs or the like) then you can make a mint doing this.

They've got to be pretty good though!