View Full Version : Look out sir' against Flames of Azgorh

04-12-2011, 07:42
Flames of Azgorh Cast on a 18+
Flames of Azgorh is a direct damage spell which be cast on any point on the table within the caster's line of sight. Place the small (3 inch) round template with the central hole on the chosen target point – the template then scatters D6 inches (remaining on the target is a “hit” is rolled). All models touched by the template suffer a Strength 6 hit. Hits from this spell have the Flaming Attacks and Multiple Wound (D6) special rules. In addition the model directly under the hole in the template must take a Toughness test at -2 or be slain outright with no saves of any kind allowed. The sorcerer may choose to increase the power of the Flames of Azgorh use the larger (5 inch)round template, but if this is the case the casting value is increased to 25+.

With this spell from the new Chaos Dwarf list, would the target under the center of the template get a look out sir role if it was a character in a unit or a champion? Does look out sir' only apply to shooting templates or from magic templates?


04-12-2011, 10:21
The general consensus is that LOS! applies to any template-based effect, more or less, but certainly to magic templates which refer you to the shooting rules to figure out how they hit and wound etc.

04-12-2011, 12:05
I'd assume they do. If the LoS is passed a rank and file model has to take the test.