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05-12-2011, 14:33
This is as the title says an army based upon the the army box, with a few bits thrown in such as bits of the island of blood and another box of plague monks and rat ogres.

Grey seer screaming bell 440pts (not sure where to put this im thinking the storm vermin though)

Cheiften BSB warlock augmented weapon warpstone armour 145pts
Warlock enguineer lv 2 doom rocket warplock pistol warp energy condencer 158pts

40 stormvermin FC poisnend wind morter 370pts
60 clan rats shield FC warp fire thrower 340pts

40 plague monks FC shroud of dripping death 335pts
6 rat ogres 4 pack masters 272pts

warp lighting cannon 90pts
Hell pit abomination 250pts

what do people think? I think it looks fun and im definatly considering buying the army box and getting most of this stuff.

05-12-2011, 15:13
I haven't been playing Skaven too long, but here are my suggestions for what works for me.

1) Put the bell in with the clanrats. Equip them with spears and shields. I ran this yesterday with 80 clanrats, and there were just too many for my oponent to kill, and the bell kept on moving. Yes, stormvermin are harder to kill, but I usually equip my stormvermin with a banner of flame to help with pesky units like trolls.

2) The abom is great, but I personally haven't had much luck with the warp lightning cannon. If you can, pick ip a Doomwheel or two. They are amazing for their cost.

3) Take the plague banner with the plague monks. Pop it to reroll to hits and wounds at the start of any combat phase. Eventually consider adding a plafue furnace too.

05-12-2011, 15:47
Ooops realized im over points on items for the BSB I'll just try and rejig somethings.

08-12-2011, 09:11
hmm an ok-solid list in many ways.. but you cant use 5 nightrunners for much?.. I would think alot about who your fighting .. the doomwheels are so crazy against OK, but not very good against HE and they are so expensive... IMO ofcourse!
I like the WLC, but lately it haven't worked out for me either:/ a suggestion - i know you based it on the box, but anyway..
9 rat ogres are pretty bad! -6 is probably okay aswell, but i put my lord on bonebraker in the unit - if I don't face to much shooting, and it kills!
put your bell in 40-50 clan rats - i dont use it for CC, just spells, ld and protection of my seer.. if anyone would charge you, reform and turn 180 - so your back to his front - he will never get to your seer and you can hold him for Sooooo long!..

i dont like stormvermin at all?.. can anyone tell me what they are good for? if you dont use QHT? i think they are to expensive :/ i wouldn't use them unless i need a banner or i really need a bit more strength

basic, i like the idea, but now i'm more into huge blocks of slaves, a lot of weapon teams and few things that hurt like a son of a ****! :) hope it wasn't too confusing!

08-12-2011, 19:30
Rejiging done now im at the problem of having 45 points to spend what do people think of the plague claw catapult? I may evemtually scrap the warmashines in favour of a doom wheel.