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06-12-2011, 06:46
Hello all!

I recently acquired a Tyranid army from a friend who no longer has any interest in the hobby, and have been considering the choices of army. I have always wanted to try one of those all-deepstrike pod armies, but I already have a few Space Marine armies. Now I find a Mycetic spore force is a choice but is it really viable? Every list Iíve tried whipping up seems woefully low in terms of models, but on the other hand they donít need to hoof it across the table, which is nice. Iíve been considering the following units:

Tyrant with 2 sets of talons, wings and hive commander (as much as a friggen land raider? Is there a viable way to run him without wings? I donít really like the look of winged tyrants but it seems to be the only choice unless he wants to be catching all the fire himself first turn)

Zoans in a pod (seems legit)

Doom in a pod (seems legit)

Devigaunts in a pod (seems good)

Outflanking Genestealers with Broodlord (seems good)

Large melee warrior unit in a pod (avoids a lot of fire/ draws a good amount)

Outflanking Trvigon (can spawn gaunts in the foes face or just grab objectives midfield when the rest of the force is mired in the foes deployment zone)

Dakka Fex in a pod (way overpriced but what isnít)

Obviously not a whole army list or anything but the units I have been considering for 1500 pts. I donít have cash to drop on Tyrgons or Mawlocs, but I own a unit almost every other choice. The force seems to involve a lot of target saturation right in the opponents face, and hoping for decent reserve rolls. So can anyone give me some tips? How is your experience with the Mycetic swarm?

06-12-2011, 08:32
They are a fun list but, yeah. The model count is crazy low for a horde army. Fully meched armies are a real pain to deal with.

My list is:

Hive Tyrant, Wings, TL Devourer, Hive Commander

Devo' Gaunts, MSpore(Barbed Strangler)

Hormagaunts w Toxin Sacs x26 (outflank)


DooM, MSpore(Barbed Strangler)

Carnifex, 2x TL Devourer, MSpore(Barbed Strangler)

Zoanthropes x3, MSpore(Barbed Strangler)

06-12-2011, 15:08
Well, one thing to consider is can you get the pods themselves very cheaply, spending a little on units to pull the army together could seem much more sensible.

Coconuts, or Balloons filled with expanding setting foam (as use by builders for gap filling) both produce reasonable spores for next to nothing.

07-12-2011, 06:28
You definitely need to think about how you'll model the pods - if you can come up with something cheap and easy, then a pod army is a nice simple variant army to play, even if it's not ultra-competitive.

07-12-2011, 06:37
I've picked up good few foam 'eggs' and some flower arranging wires for about 30 bucks Canadian. I'm gonna experiment with em' for a bit, and I'm thinking of using some spray paint to delibritly melt them up, and drybrush them. I just need to think of way to add some Tyranidy-style carapace to them.

As to new models, I will pick up 2 more zoans to complete one unit, and a carnifex to convert to a Tevrigon, but beyond that I really shouldn't buy more models :cries:. The point of the project to avoid buying more stuff, as I already have more models then I will EVER be able to paint.

13-12-2011, 11:42
those dragon egg things are good for the spores...

out of interest, my nid friend was bored of me beating him all the time with my Armoured Company list. so i gave him a very strong AC list, and i wrote me own list from the nid codex, blind so to speak.

i beat him turn three...

hive tyrant
7 ymgarl GS
8 ymgarl GS

3 warriors
20 hormagaunts in Mynecti spore
20 hormagaunts in Mynecti spore
10 gene stealers in Mynecti spore


i know this is probably a bad list, as it was my first ever nid list and i didnt research it, but it smashed him up big style. the spores really made a difference, but more so the dormant ymgarls. i think, s a one time tyranid player, spores are the way forward.