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06-12-2011, 17:32
Tomorrow sees the start for our club's massive Xmas Storm of magic game.

I thought I'd whet your appetite with what we have planned and then report back when its under way. we are expecting it to take 2-3 weeks to play ( we play every Wednesday between 8pm and Midnight/1am)

You will also be able to see some reports here http://lonewolvesclub.blogspot.com/

We're playing 9375pts per side, now that might seem a strange number but each side will be 3 separate 2500 point lists with the additional 25% of Storm of Magic goodies.

One side consists of three Orc & Goblin armies, and the other is two Warriors of Chaos armies allied with an Ogre Kingdom force.

We're playing on a 6ft x 12ft board with 6 Fulcrum's.

I will hopefully have some pictures to share either on here or on our blog by the weekend so keep your eyes peeled.

We're hoping to have some crazy events going on including swapped allegiances and Warboss/Warlord supremacy battles, so who knows what will happen

09-12-2011, 19:23
As promised I have returned with pictures and commentary from the set up and turn 1

Picture 1
We deployed hidden behind a shield of cloth, here you can see the Orc deployment ( we finished ages before the Chaos and Ogres). Playing on a 6ft wide board we decided to deploy 24" on so we would be 24" apart at the start of the game

Picture 2
The reveal (and repair of the fallen trees). You can just about make out the nearest Fulcrum, manned by a goblin shamen it is protected by a dragon and a Shaggoth. What you cant see is the Bonegrinder Giant hidden behind the petruding arm. The giant went on to kill the dragon in 1 round of combat...

Picture 3
This time a closer shot of the near flank, showing my two units of Savage Orcs, one containing my lvl4 shamen and the other with my general in it ( not yet deployed)

Picture 4
The other flank; the armies are a lot closer at this end due to the 6" deployment around the fulcrum. After the 1st turn 3 out of the 4 Chaos units on the far left of shot would be gone after a charge by the orcs and the out of shot 6 dragon ogres with great weapons.
The fulcrum would also be gone after a double 6 to cast Pandemonium resulted in it exploding taking the lvl4 Tzeentch wizard with it!
Will the big bad Bloodthirster exact its revenge, lets hope not!

Picture 5
Ogre shooting, the Leadbelchers cannons reduced a giant to 1 wound.
You may also notice that the fulcrum seems to have moved, this was due to a miscast from the Dark Emissary which caused a wound on all but one Orc wizard to boot.

Picture 6
The Orc centre with five giants lined up from right to left in ascending order of release date. The marauder giant died in turn one, I don't see them being killed in the same order that they were released though.

Turn 2 and probably 3 will be this coming Wednesday. One of the Chaos flanks already looks to be crumbling after only one turn, but turn two will see an increase in the amount of combat and therefore more carnage. Lets hope my precious Orcs come out the otherside Waaaaaghhing

10-12-2011, 04:03
Looks like good fun!

11-12-2011, 08:42
Gah, so much metal, plastic and black undercoat, and thats just my models!
There's nothing like having pics of your army on the web to spur you on to paint stuff!

11-12-2011, 10:29
Lucky that 95% of my stuff on the table is painted then!

I have posted some other pictures Here (http://lonewolvesclub.blogspot.com/) of the deployment and first turn.

Not only does it contain new pictures but is a sneaky ploy to get you to our blog site, to have a look around and vote on the weekly poll!

12-12-2011, 03:09
That does look pretty amazing :D

17-12-2011, 18:13
Having trouble uploading pictures of turn 2 and 3 from the big SoM game so you'll have to head over to our club blog to see them ( link in my profile)

Anyway, we called the game after 3 turns as the Orcs had run out of spell casters after two turns of many mis-casts.

From the pictures, you will also see that the Savage Orcs on the right flank ran riot through the ogres, with the big un boarboyz defeating the Iron Guts and one of the giants destroying the Ironblaster with one swing of his club!

All in all a very good game, im sure we'll be back for more when we try the Blood in the Badlands campaign next year