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Lord Squidar
06-12-2011, 23:41

I was just looking through some models for inspiration and came across the lovely looking savage orks again and was wondering if it would be viable to use them for space orks, the whole lot of them.

I remember years back there was a savage ork army list that had lots of squiggoths in it, but would the new codex allow it.

my thoughts so far for a 500 point list for local league

HQ - warphead using the wurzzag model, who can resist voodoo masks and crazy psychic power

Troops - shooter boys will be armed with the bows. I think next to a bolter, a shooter is a good as a stone arrow anyways, so sort of wysiwyg :)

boyz will be boys... ahem... well actually not sure how to get around the pistol thing, but savage orks with two choppas on round bases will make me happy.

fast attack - savage ork boar boyz as warbikers. ok those are some fast running boars but it would look cool I think.

heavy support - killa kans with scorchas represented by trolls with vomit. ok really disgusting for a marine to get vomitted on, but oh so funny.

Any other ideas on which units I could take and what more I would be able to do to make it more legal. Bear in mind the aim of the game here is theme, not looking to make a list/army to break open all others =)

07-12-2011, 06:24
Yeah, pretty easy to use them to count-as Snake Bite orks.

Archer orcs count-as shoota boys, fine. If anyone moans, tell them the arrowheads are explosive :)

For slugga boyz, it would be preferable for them to have shooting weapons of some sort. The two simplest solutions are for them to have pistols strapped to their backs, or replace a hand weapon with a pistol. But if you don't want pistols at all, then perhaps slingshots, or a low-tech version of ninja throwing stars, or a pouch/belt full of throwing daggers?

Boars make great bike equivalents, for e.g. nobz, but if you want plain biker boyz then you're back to the problem of what to use as a shooting weapon. Some sort of spring-loaded multi-barrel spear guns perhaps?

Yes, trolls or ogres would be good kanz, if you don't mind some allied troops or slaves. You could have grots/goblins riding along on their backs to look orkier? Ogre slaves carrying cannons would be easy counts-as rokkits or grotzookas.

I've seen people use stegadons, arachnoraks and similar WHFB monters to count-as trukks or even battlewagons.

07-12-2011, 15:19
I think orks can get away with more fantasy models than any other army in 40k. I played a game years ago where a guy had a squigoth of some type as a battlewagon. Looked fantastic, really added to the flavor of the game.

As for unit conversion ideas:
Koptas could be orks with planks on their arms stuck on a flying base.

Ambience 327
07-12-2011, 15:29
FYI - the 40K version are known as "Feral Orks" - they are an early stage of development for an Ork community, and busy themselves with hunting & gathering and skirmishes among themselves and against any other inhabitants of their locality. Many units from the current Ork army list could be made to easily fit such a theme.

For Slugga Boyz - just give them throwing axes or even large stones to toss as their "ranged weapon" slugga equivalent.

07-12-2011, 19:06
You could make chariots into wartracks or buggies?
dont think they'd be big enough for trukks though

Lord Damocles
07-12-2011, 19:23
Take Squiggoths from Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2nd edition.