View Full Version : Potential doubles list, WoC and Night Goblins

07-12-2011, 16:33
Soo, approaching that time of year again for me and my friend, this time around I'm considering leaving my skaven behind for something that doesn't take so long to rank up in the morning that I miss my chance for breakfast (the bacon rolls at WHW are decent!)

His list probably won't change much, he's limited on models and time to paint up new ones.
It will look something like this;

NG Warboss
Level 2 NG Shaman
Level 1 NG Shaman
50 Night Goblins, Netters, 3 fanatics, Banner / Musician
50 Night Goblins, Netters, 3 fanatics, Banner / Musician
10 Hoppers
15 Squigs/5 herders

I'm thinking of something like this:

Lv 3 Sorcerer Lord, Spell Familiar, Lore of Shadows
Festus the Leechlord
24 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, Mark of Nurgle, Full Command, Banner of Rage (set up 6x4 or 8x3 depending on what the opponent base sizes are)
5 Chaos Warhounds
5 Chaos Warhounds

Dogs for redirecting / dummy drops, natch.
Warriors for a nasty combat block (something we were sorely lacking when I was bringing Skaven - although with Warriors we'll be forgoing the shooting phase)

Hope to use Shadow and Curse of the Leper to melt at least one opposing unit per game (or atleast one in the course of the weekend!), or at least render them (mostly) harmless, potentially give the Goblins mind razor for giggles.

Either way, Shadows is probably the most flexible for us, one way or the other. And CotLeper is a nice scary thing to hold over the opponents head, as is Buboes or whichever the other spell Festus rolls.
And Festus granting both poison and regen(5+) could be used either in the Warriors unit or in one of the goblin units if the fancy took us

I'm afraid we're going to feel the lack of a BSB, LD8/7 isn't the best, but at the same time, hopefully we won't lose too many combats to need it (and the warriors are ItP from frenzy, and we don't reeeally care about the goblins...)

Our aim is to go have fun and win at least one game, even if it's on someone who's hungover on Sunday...

Comments / Criticism?