View Full Version : 2500 First battle report WoC vs Orges & successfully using Wulfrik!

07-12-2011, 20:24
I am getting into 8th ed and having a lot of fun with this edition(1000x better then 7th). Below are lists

Lord: - Lvl 4 Sorcerer of Slaneesh, steed of slaneesh, talisman of preservation, blood of tzeench
Hero: -Exalted Champion of Tzeench, disk, talisman of endurance,halberd,bsb
Core:-20 Chaos Warriors, MoS, banner of wrath, shield, halberds (sorcerer here)
-20 Chaos Warriors, MoT, banner of rage, shield, halberds (exalted here)
-20 Chaos Warriors, MoK, shield, halberds
-36 Marauders, MoK, great weapons (Wulfrik here)
Rare: Hellcannon

I'm not really familiar with Ogres so I'm just going to go through his list quickly

Lord: Ogre fighter guy
Hero: Lvl 2 firebelly, another lvl 2, and bsb
Core: 3 blocks of regular ogres, 1 block of gw ogres, 2-3 dogs
Special: 5 Leadbelchers, 3 moonfang riders
Rare: 2 rhino cannons lol

From left to right I deploy: Slaneesh warriors, Tzeench warriors, Khorne Warriors, with hellcannon behind the Tzeench warriors

From (my) left to right he deploys: 2 rhino cannons, leadbelchers, gw ogres, bulls, bulls, bulls, moonfang riders

1st turn: I march all units up to center of table and fire the hellcannon killing 1 gw ogre and wounding a few others. Sorcerer casts ecstatic seizure and wounds a few others. I realize that ecstatic seizure is not as powerful against multi-wound models.

His combined firepower from both his cannons kill my hellcannon, he moves up his ogres and moonfangs

2nd turn: Wulfrik and his merry men arrive! I place them directly behind rhino cannons and leadbelchers. Think of the scene from LOTR rotk when the pirates arrive and orcs respond "always late! about time you lousy searats!" lol. I attempt to charge one the the ogre units with khorne warriors but fail.. I really wanted to deny the ogre charge but target was sooo faar away. Sorcerer breaks away from warriors and goes to assist Wulfrik (steed of slaneesh is FAST!)

He points leadbelchers and rhino cannons away from my main force and toward Wulfriks men. He charges moonfang at khorne warriors and causes massive casualties and warriors manage to kill one moonfang and put a wound on another, warriors lose combat but are steadfast and hold.

Turn 3-6: Wulfriks unit plows through leadbelchers and runs into Ogre General's unit(with firebelly) and again does massive damage(Wulfrik is killed in the process.) Ogres break but marauders fail to catch them. Tzeench warriors charges moonfang to assist khorne warriors. Moonfang cav is killed but warriors are charged by other ogres. Casualties are high on both sides and eventually all my warriors and marauders are killed and he is left with 6 ogres plus his all his lord and heroes. My Sorcerer lord is the only survivor but manages to cast hellshriek and panic both rhino cannons off the board.

I suffered a minor loss but it was a really fun and close game. If my marauders caught the general unit then it might have been a different story. I am definitely bringing war hounds next time for screening, as those ogre charges are brutal lol.