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08-12-2011, 14:14
I want to run two plague furnaces and a BSB at 2500 points (a Pestelin themed army). Now, with no options at all the three come to 570 points. Only having 55 points left for equipment, I am at a loss on what to take. Thanks for any help.

08-12-2011, 14:33
What does the rest of your army look like?

Do you play mostly competitive or friendly games?

08-12-2011, 19:24
What does the rest of your army look like?

Do you play mostly competitive or friendly games?

I am building a themed army. so it is made up of Skrolk, Plague Monks, a few Censer Bearers and plageclaw catapults.

In larger games I'd like to add a warlord on pox rat to the mix.

09-12-2011, 02:00
You need slaves, all skaven armies use them, with pestilens themed armies it is even more important to tie up units so your monks and censer bearers can get the flank.

09-12-2011, 05:46
Give the plague monks flails, and the BSB either the talisman of preservation, or the armor of silvered steel (this is important as your BSB will most likely end up on the front lines)

I think 2 blocks of slaves would be helpful- and still relatively within theme-

Not sure how you have it structured- but I would do something like this-

Furnace- Slaves - Skrolk BSB Monkhorde/w plague banner- Slaves - Furnace

If you want to go all plague monks- just lose the slaves-

The strategy is simple- use the furnaces to guard the flanks and force your opponent into the center where he will have to take on a unit with 50 attacks re-rolling everything- then use the PCB's to mop up-

09-12-2011, 09:52
Okay so here's a large target army list I made a couple of weeks ago just for the laguhs, I have no clue if it works or not but maybe you'll get an idea from it or two. I know it's not the theme your looking for but whatever:


If I were doing a pestilence themed list it would look something like this:

1 Grey Seer/cheap Warlord

My build above+flails & maybe try to squeeze in a dispel scroll.

1 clanrat/stormvermin bunker for your BSB & maybe your general, rest of the 25% on slaves.

2 30ish blocks of plaguemonks & rest of your pts on censer bearers.

As many Plagueclaw catapults you're allowed to take.