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08-12-2011, 15:32

My gaming group runs an annual campaign for both systems (fantasy & 40k). Our fantasy campaign is winding to an end with a final battle January 2nd, which leaves us with the new 40k campaign.

The War for Bastille is a mixed 40k and BFG campaign that utilizes objectives and factions.

Army construction is the same as a normal 40k game with a couple of exceptions:

* Players must spend a minimum of 25% of their points on troop choices as t his is a troop-heavy campaign

* HQ slots are restricted by HQ positions on the map

* Wargear is restricted by resources on the map. Wargear is typically those items you give to your HQ characters or veteran sergeants, royal court, etc etc

The three factions fighting on Bastille are:

* The imperials (alongside eldar and tau) who are defending the shrine-world. Their goal is to hold out for the duration of the campaign until reinforcements arrive, as well as to prevent the necron faction from breaking through the vault and taking the artefact that they are after.

* The necrons (alongside the mutants of chaos list included in the rules and the dark eldar) - Their goal is to break into the space marine garrison defended vault and obtain the necron artefact.

* The orks (alongside tyranids) - their goal is planetary conquest.

There is an army list included in the campaign rules which are for a buddy who wants to play but only had a skaven list, so a mutant list was created based off of the chaos codex and the old Eye of Terror chaos alternate list.

It was designed as a glass-cannon list. High offensive power with very little defense. They are mutants in rags for the most part.

I will share the campaign results here and anyone who wishes to participate or use the rules themselves should feel free to do so.

If anyone out there is near Louisville and wants to play hit me up =)