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08-12-2011, 21:29
Hi guys, I've been running a blog or two for 9months or so, and I've earnt - 2 from adsence.

Now, I'm nowhere near the level of some people who paint and model, and I'm not blogging for the money. But I've looked at my adverts on blogger and, well, they're not really geared for warhammer players.

I just think those spaces would look better filled with relevant adverts for companys, and makes the blog look more professional.

I don't want to go pestering companys for advertising, I'm just wondering if theres some place to go and say "blog space for rent for relevant company".

zhu bajie
08-12-2011, 22:15
On your blog? "your ad here" - then add a blog page that says what kinds of sponsorship you'd take?

Also play with the adsense configuration - you can turn off some ad types - but getting specific hobby ads is unlikely.

08-12-2011, 23:10
http://www.totalwargamer.co.uk/ have an affiliate programme.

Amazon also have an affiliate programme that let's you select specific products and if your readers buy them, you get paid.

For Adsense to really work, you need to focus on the keywords required to target the advertising you want. But as you point out adsense has an unfortunate habit of generating inappropriate advertising for the content on the page.