View Full Version : Second attempt at a 2500 point Dark Elf list, any input is welcome =)

09-12-2011, 00:46
Let me know what you guys/gals think. There is no comp at this tournament but I still felt the need to bring a somewhat balanced list. You know, as opposed to the duel hydra/cauldron lists out there.

Supreme Sorceress Level 4-Shadow Magic, goes in the spearmen block
Sacrificial Dagger
Pearl of infinite Bleakeness

Sorceress Level 2- Metal, goes with either crossbow unit depending on what the enemy looks like
Tome of Furion
Crystal of Midnight

Death Hag (Battle Standard Bearer)
Cauldron of Blood

25 Dark Elf Warriors
Shields, Full Command

24 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen Repeater Crossbowmen
Shields, Full Command

14 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen

5 Harpies

5 Harpies

5 Shades

5 Shades

20 Black Guard
Full Command
Whip of Agony
Standard of Discipline

25 Har Ganeth Executioners
Banner of Eternal Flame

War Hydra

09-12-2011, 01:24
You don't need the Pearl, give the Warriors the Standard of Discipline and you get a ld 10 bubble from the general with a BSB re-roll. I've used this combo on many occasions, and it works nicely. In around 350+ games this edition, there's only been 1 occasion I can remember where my level 4 has failed a ld test and run of the board- in my opinion, the downsides of making her immune to psych don't outweigh the very minor benefit compared to her being ld10 with a re-roll.

The Crystal of Midnight is pretty useless tbh- most mages that you want to target (Lords) will have good leadership, and a BSB re-roll, and even then you're not that likely to get rid of a good spell.

Crimson Death is nice on the BG champion, the really big advantage it has over the Whip is the extra S means you wound S4 stuff on 2s- he'll smash knights apart, especially if you give the unit the Banner of Murder.

The Execs could really do with being bigger- they've got to be big enough to survive long enough to not only get into combat, but to also weather a round of attacks when they get there. I'd be inclined to drop the hydra to boost them up, as hydra are just getting easier and easier to deal with as this edition goes on.

I'd also be inclined to give the Execs the Banner of Swiftness to get them into combat faster, and because the last thing you want is a single character with a 2+ ward vs flaming (there are plenty around) to hold your very expensive unit up all game. I trialled the flaming banner on my BG recently, and they ended up spending games backpeddling from Scar-Vets and so on :(