View Full Version : 2500 vs O&G

Dirty Mac
09-12-2011, 11:50
Hi guys, I will be 2 games vs O&G on Sunday, 1 1.5k and 1 2.5k, This is the 2.5k list.
Never fought O&G before , and I usually take shades, but people have been saying against T4 they aren't that much good. I'll probably get the 1.5k list up after this.

here is the list, please tell me what you think.

2500 Pts - Dark Elves Roster

1 Sorceress, 185 pts Level 2
Dispel Scroll
Guiding Eye
Dark Magic

1 Supreme Sorceress, 315 pts Level 4
Sacrificial Dagger
Pearl of infinite Bleakeness
Ironcurse Icon
The Lore of Fire

28 Black Ark Corsairs, 320 pts Musician; Standard Bearer ;
Sea Serpent Standard

19 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen, 224 pts (Musician; Standard Bearer;

23 Dark Elf Warriors, 158 pts Musician ; Standard Bearer ;
Gleaming Pennant

1 War Hydra, 175 pts

1 Death Hag (Battle Standard Bearer), 225 pts
Cauldron of Blood

1 Dreadlord, 300 pts (General
Dark Pegasus
Crimson Death
Crown of Command

5 Harpies, 55 pts

20 Black Guard, 306 pts Musician; Standard Bearer ;
Banner of Murder

21 Witch Elves of Khaine, 235 pts Musician Standard Bearer
Banner of Eternal Flame

Total Roster Cost: 2498