View Full Version : 2500pts Nuln

10-12-2011, 01:08
Arch Lector , War Altar, Sword of Might, Enchanted Shield, Ruby ring of ruin- 286pts

Captain, BSB, AoMI, Dawnstone- 125pts
Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Shield- 96pts
Warrior Priest, Heavy Armor, Shield- 96pts

49 Halberds, Full Command- 265pts

49 Halberds, Full Command- 265pts

30 Flagellants, -300pts

19 Greatswords, Musician- 196pts (BSB Bodyguard)

12 Knights of the Blazing Sun (Inner Circle), Flaming Banner, Musician- 346pts

Great Cannon- 100pts
Great Cannon- 100pts
Great Cannon- 100pts
Mortar- 75pts
Mortar- 75pts
Mortar- 75pts



10-12-2011, 14:56
good solid army. i'm not sure i'm sold on turning knights inner circle though.

10-12-2011, 15:58
Drop the knights, add more greatswords and get a lvl 1 fire w rod of power. Add extra oomph and you can get the extra dispel dice from the rod.

Otherwise stick a couple of engineers in and your set.

12-12-2011, 11:23
Knights are not a bad choice. You have enough artillery to weaken a unit enough to be able to break them with your Knights. Having magic to boost them would help.

No mage is a bit of a down side. I do not understand the ring on the Arch Lector. You can already cast 4 bound spells, why a fifth? Personally i would cut some corners, and get a mage in.

If you use up all your enemies dispell dice and throw the +1A and ASF from Lore of Light on the Knights which you charge into a unit .. that can punch some holes in decent units.

Besides that, decent list.

Best of luck :)