View Full Version : What are the ideal size for Saurus blocks currently?

10-12-2011, 05:00
I ran up with 20 in 7th. Now, I am thinking maybe 30, 6 wide.

What are the typical sizes ran?

Also, would this cross over to temple guard, or would you use a different size for them?

10-12-2011, 05:49
You dont want saurus, you need skink cohorts as they are the best.*

You also might want to close this thread and post this question in the 'Lizardmen 8th tactica thread' to get more replies.

*May not actually be the best.:shifty:

10-12-2011, 07:49
18, 24, 30 are typical standards. Depends on what you want the unit to do really. Huge blocks of 30 can go off on their own for the entire game, can even take on/out more than one opposing unit possibly. Small units of 18 probably need support, as after they take a turn or two of casualties they'll probably not be in the shape to take on a fresh unit alone. Our local guy runs 5x18, and supports them with eachother. It's actually pretty intimidating.

10-12-2011, 23:42
My horde of 40 works wonders for me - hasn't been destroyed in 20+ games now. Just too many bodies to get through and puts out 41 S4 attacks, which has generally been enough to grind out all competition.

I have a second one with spears, but then they take up 2 feet of the table and things get awkward. Looks bloody awesome though :)

11-12-2011, 21:57
my typical sizes for saurus are 36+ (6x6) with HW&S, 40 (4x10) with HW&S, and ~50 (5x10) with spears.

I wouldn't lower than 30, except in very specific lists.

12-12-2011, 16:54
I run 3 blocks of 25 in 5x5 in 2000 pts. I don't bother with temple guard.

12-12-2011, 17:21
I run 40 for shield and 50 for spear.

Bigger is better.

Assuming lore of life, the bigger and more critical a unit is the more they will get out of the augment spells.

17-12-2011, 04:42
in a 2k game, i'll take 2 units of 50 if i''m running an ethereal slann out of tg... of there are tg, then i take a 50-60

08-01-2012, 11:31
they work well in many sizes, i like to take a redundant rank that can't attack for reforming with and soaking up casualties so with spears i like 24, 6x4. tg i currently run 20 with a character in 7x3