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10-12-2011, 08:17
One day, me and my brother were thinking- what emotion could a chaos god of our own creation embody? All the main ones- anger, fear, lust and ambition are taken, and most other emotions aren't 'negative'. Happiness? No. Joy? No. Love? hell no.

But then my brother exclaimed, "what about satisfaction?" I dismissed it at first but then I realised, he was on to something.

And so the Chaos God Sator was born.

At first, satisfaction doesn't seem bad. But then, satisfaction leads to contentedness, which leads to conservatism, and that leads to stagnation. Sator and his followers would be the ultimate conservative extremists, striving to sabotage change and keep things exactly the same.

The followers of Sator usually consist of those who fear change, those who ate utterly content with their lives and would kill if they thought it was threatened. Sator attracts both wealthy nobles and the simplest peasant, any and all can turn to Sator if they fear their way of life is under attack. During times of crisis or upheaval- planetary invasion, civil war, technological breakthrough or similar tumultuous event, the amount of people loyal to Sator increases massively as peoplebeg for someone, anyone, to save them and restore their way of life. In many ways, Sator is more a being of order than of chaos.

His followers are unchanging and frozen, their cold, frosty faces fixed forever in a rictus of utter tranquilly. As Satorite cultists and traitor marines serve their master, their bodies slowly turn to solid ice, a strange witch-ice that allows unrestricted movement while preserving the body from the ravages of time.

They utilise and revere ice- the great slayer of change, the only thing able to freeze something in time. The rare occasions Sator's followers can gather enough power to summon his daemons, the fiends that spring forth are horrible, moving ice sculptures, depicting hideous garoyles and creatures from nightmare. Sorcerers loyal to him use their powers over time and ice to sow discord amongst their enemies. Jagged ice up from the earth, pockets of the warzone become stasis fields trapping friend and for alike forever, and scintillating waves of frost freeze joints and dose the enemy advance to a crawl.

Son of Sanguinius
10-12-2011, 16:06
Interesting premise, but I see one immediate problem. Stagnation is not something chaos does well. Chaos needs to be in a constant state of motion or it will collapse in on itself as a concept, which in the realm of magic, where concept and reality are inseparable, is a death sentence for the conscious entities.

One example of what I'm talking about is warp stone. It is the coalescence of stagnant magic that forces its way into material space because it can't exist in the realm of chaos.

Jack of Blades
10-12-2011, 19:07
Worship of this god seems paradoxical. If you want to keep your way of life secure why would you willingly change it for that of a cultist? unless you had no better option. Which the god could make use of I suppose. But there's a major problem... this god is not a god of Chaos, it is a god of Order :)

11-12-2011, 16:15
i could see it working, but not as a choas god. maybe just a really powerful demon. it does strike a nice balance bettween nurgle and tzeentch. but the order/chaos paradox is a problem.