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10-12-2011, 08:20
Ok, I have played 40k a fair bit, so I know the basics although I am very new to fantasy... even newer to tomb kings. I don't actually have any models yet, but I made this list so I would have an idea of what I want to aim for.
What I've got is this:

Liche High Priest (235)
-Level 4
-Shield of Ptolos

Tomb Prince (142)
Sword of anti-heroes, Dragonhelm and a shield.

30 Skeleton Warriors (210)
Full Command, Spears and Light Armour

20 Skeleton Archers (140)
Master of Arrows, Musician

3 Skeleton Chariots (165)

I still have 108 points left over but I am not sure what to put them into.
The main body is my warriors, my prince would go with them to increase their WS, as well as rack up the strength and extra attacks from his sword.
My high priest is clearly my hierorphant, I am not too clear on spells right now... In my time skimming the rulebook I think I read that spells are randomly chosen?

What say you?

10-12-2011, 08:44
Hey buddy, welcome to WFB!! Lost looks good so far, a couple of points though: your liche high priest cannot have the magical shield, as mages aren't allowed to wear armour unless it is one of their mundane wargear options. I would also drop the master of arrows on the archer unit, and give them a standard instead, to help out in Blood and Glory missions. As far as spending your remaining points goes, I would be tempted by two more chariots myself, or either a screaming skull catapult for some additional firepower, or a casket of souls, as most armies at1000 pts will have lower Ld, making light of death that much more effective

10-12-2011, 09:57
Thankyou! I am looking forward to getting an army painted up! :)
He can't take the shield? Awww.. I was hoping to give him some survivability, seeing as the hierorphant seems so important.
A catapult would be nice, I have heard good things about them so far... but then the casket would be devastating if they have low leadership as you say.

20-12-2011, 03:52
Drop shield and give him ward save

20-12-2011, 15:03
A quick few observations from me I have been running a 1000 point Tomb King army for a while now and I struggled a fair bit at first.

Some things I have found is that at 1000 points a Level 4 Priest is too much.

He is very expensive points wise and I have always done much better using a level 2 and a Tomb Prince.

Using a level 4 and a Tomb Prince I think is way too much on characters at 1000 points.

I always keep my Heirophant at the back with some archers and avoid combat and have found that a ward save at 1000 points is of reduced value. If he and his unit are attacked it is unlikely that a Ward Save will allow him to survive very long and the rest of my army is probably dead by this point anyways. I prefer to use the Earthing Rod as that has helped me in many occasions having lost my Priest to miscasts more than anything else.

Also at this size of game I have found skeleton warriors not very useful as they have fared badly in anything less than units of 50.

You will already meet the core requirement with Chariots and Archers so would look to spend the points from the skeletons and reduction of priest from level 4 to level 2 on something from the special or rare units section and the put a flaming attack banner on the chariots can help if facing ethereal units or regenerating units.

Screaming Skull Catapults, Warsphinx with Fiery Roar, Necropolis Knights and Casket of Souls can all be useful. Tomb Guard can also be very nice especially with the Tomb Prince in it conferring his WS.

My current 1000 point list is as follows and is no way the ultimate 1000 point list however, it is doing ok at the moment.

Tomb Prince
Talisman of Endurance
Great Weapon

Liche Priest
Level 2
Earthing Rod

4 Chariots
Standard Bearer
Banner of Eternal Flames

21 Skeleton Archers

Fiery Roar

15 x Tomb Guard