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10-12-2011, 17:12
I have 20 Corsairs, half in plastic with handbows and full command, half metal.

I've tried them a few times in 8th, but wasn't really satisfied.

- Frenzied with ahw they do well enough, but I figure Witch Elves are better at that (I6, poison, magic banner and Stubborn).

- I tried a full unit of handbows, but that makes them unwieldy and they lack the numbers/power to survive a serious assault. Plus I figure I'm better off with more crossbowmen instead.

So now I'm thinking of trying a unit or two of 10 with handbows, maybe a musician:

- Their role would be to rund around my line, defending my flanks, baiting enemies.

- With a 4+ save against shooting and Ld 8 they're good enough to send off on their own, unlike my Harpies or Dark Riders.

- Between their handbows and above average close combat abilities they'll be able to fend off enemy light units, shooting or charging as the situation dictates.

- Against larger enemy units they can either go around them and shoot (and block marches), run away, or take the charge at an angle that leads the enemy to where I want them (or cavalry into difficult terrain). I already use Dark Riders and Harpies for this, but I figure Corsairs could do this too, giving my heavy units time to strike.

- Against enemy shooting they can screen my bigger units. This seems like an interesting way to shield fragile but expensive units like Witch Elves or Executioners (Dark Riders are too fragile and expensive for this, while Harpies need to be babysitted or they're likely to flee).

- They can also be used to counter-charge units in the flank, potentially disrupting them (but I'll need a unit of about 13 to absorb casualities, maybe give them ahws), and bringing their Slavers rule into play.

Has anyone tried this?

11-12-2011, 01:35

You're not the only one. Come join us over at Druchii.net. I'm sure dalamar would appreciate some support instead of me knocking the idea. :)

11-12-2011, 07:02
lol thanks, didn't think anyone would have considered such an idea as viable ;)

11-12-2011, 08:37
must admit I've been considering using MSU mostly due to thing like dwellers taking out almost entire units in a single crack and when that units a horde thats a huge loss yet if its 10 guys you can just shrug off that sort of loss.

I havent tested this yet at all though, still in the theory stage, biggest problem I see is that any horde that our own magic doesnt blow up is gonna eat the small units up.

12-12-2011, 03:52
lol thanks, didn't think anyone would have considered such an idea as viable ;)

Nice Avatar!

But on topic I've been struggling with Corsairs. Ahw and SSS banner is a great combo and it's core, not special. That's the difference IMO.

Handbows are so short on range that's I have difficulty getting them in range except for stand & shoot. I find the xbows better in general, but I haven't given up on corsairs.

With handbows I can't see running them anything larger than 7x2. Even with ahw and frenzy there isn't much reason to go horde and 7x2 or 7x3 is probably fine. If they lose combat they are dead anyway, so why waste any more points on them. I think it might be better to take more smaller units.

DE armies just don't seem to be horde armies. Spearmen and executioners are the only horde worthy units IMO.

12-12-2011, 19:49
True, but, with the massed attack units and mindrazor, most of the hitting power comes from the front rank so deploying wide with even a 20 or 14 has it's benefits.

12-12-2011, 22:41
Two units of 15 means a 6th spell will kill about 7, not 15 :)

I think MSU is pretty good and handy.

13-12-2011, 03:23
First, just to clarify for the noob, MSU is multiple small units?

Second corsairs with handbows remind me of my 4th Ed 40k IG army. It was balanced, i.e. Not good at anything just mediocre at everything. It was good at dying!

I feel the same about corsairs with handbows. Handbows have awesome rules:), but short range:(. They have a great armor save:), but only 1A and T3 :(. They just aren't great at anything and that is their fundamental problem.

13-12-2011, 17:56
:evilgrin: I'd say they have poor rules. Ridiculous range and unlike the empire, the stupid elves haven't figured out how to pistol whip with the handbow, robbing them of the extra attack.

Druchii Monkey
14-12-2011, 13:07
Corsairs with handbows are great.

I run a single unit of 12 as flankers, and will consider running 2 units in bigger games. I don't bother with any command group at all. The job of these flankers is just to get up close, draw fire, and annoy. Corsairs are always my first unit forward. They are expendable.

Alternately i go for a single unit of 20 with full command in horde formation so they are spread thin. The aim of this is that they are less vulnerable to template weapons spread thin, more resilient at drawing fire, and a more effective shield wall for my other units.

Against shooty armies (e.g. Empire), or Ogres (because of the impact hits) i am more likely to use the unit of 20 whereas against armies like Skaven i prefer them as flankers so have them in units of 12.

I'm not a big fan of any infantry units of less than 12 models. I think 12 is a better buffer against that break test you may have to take the first time you are shot at and suffer 25% casualties.

Lastly i particularly like handbows against high elves. Get in close, pepper them, and then when they charge you stand and shoot, or if they don't you just stand there and pepper them again - a nice antidote to their Always Strikes First.

14-12-2011, 17:41
Actually I've found units of 40+ do better in combat, and magic isn't that big of a deal if you take a level 4 and a level 2 as characters. You also didn't mention putting the Sea Serpent Standard in the unit, so I'm assuming you didn't. Try that with the handbows. You'll get the same number of attacks as if you had 2 HW's AND can stand and shoot.

My 35 man Gor units (7 X 5) tends to treat small units of 20 and under like speed bumps. If you run into anything that has any size to it, you'll be in trouble big time.