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11-12-2011, 19:32
I've looked through the rule sections here as well as on Ogre Stronghold, and didn't see this addressed - but I apologize if I just missed it.

How does a firebelly's (or any really) breath attack work if he is in the 2nd rank? Both the shooting and CC variant.

My thoughts:

The CC variant cannot be used as he can only do supporting attacks, and not (pg 49) "any bonus attacks he might otherwise be entitled to because of special rules of other unusual effects."

The shooting variant cannot be used because the rule for breath attack says that it should be placed touching the users base, and that it cannot be positioned to touch a friendly model, ergo it cannot be used from the second rank. The argument against this is that you can shoot from the 2nd rank and it would be positioned from the model directly in front of the firebelly, taken from p39 of the rulebook "Models in the second rank can use the line of sight and forward arc of the model directly in front of them for the purposes of all shooting attacks.". But this doesn't really cover template attacks.

Your thoughts? Are my interpretations correct?

11-12-2011, 19:37
Your Firebelly should never really be in the second rank come combat. Move him up and there is no problem.

As for the shooting, no way he would ever be able to breath weapon from the second rank. I am assuming you are doing small units of Ogres with full command for him to be in the second rank?

Last Edition
11-12-2011, 19:51
Breath Weapons in close combat cannot be used from the second rank because it can only target a unit in base contact with the model possessing the special rule.

And, Breath Weapons cannot be used as a shooting attack from second rank because you cannot intentionally target friendly models. Using the 1st rank model's frontal arc for line of sight purposes does not apply in this context.

11-12-2011, 19:52
Your Firebelly should never really be in the second rank come combat. Move him up and there is no problem.

Unless the unit is 3 wide and there's full command. As long as this is true, he goes to the back rank.

Shooting? If he can place the template so he doesn't touch one of his guys: Just fine. If not: Not at all.

CC: Does it require Base to Base contact? If yes: Not at all.

11-12-2011, 19:56
Well, it doesn't really have to be about min-maxing units, could well be a larger one on a table with a lot of terrain rolled up having to go narrow to pass between two pieces of impassible terrain, or such, being jumped by the enemy.

But, yeah, no breath weapons from rear ranks for the reasons linuvian and Last Edition gave.