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11-12-2011, 23:04

We eventually see threads talking about true-scale space marines, and i've been wondering if all the other races' miniatures are in their correct scale, fluff-wise? Also, Do you guys know why space marines were out of scale, in the first place? Also, anybody knows the reason why models and vehicles done during third edition's time seemed to be smaller than their 4th and on counterparts?

Thank you in advance!

11-12-2011, 23:19
The scale is IIRC 28 (or 32) mm, heroic scale. That means as a general rule all the basic humanoid models are the same height with enlarged heads and hands.

11-12-2011, 23:47
THERE IS NO consistent scale across the entire GW hobby. Infantry and vehicles are not in the same scale, infantry is often not in scale to other infantry lines in the same race.

Humans are the same height as their 7+ foot genetic supermen marines - and some are even bigger.

We don't know exact scales for Ogryns, Eldar, tyranids, orks, tau or anthing non-human as they have no real-world analogue for comparison.

The reason for the pre-3rd ed vehicles (Imperial) being so small is cost of production (GW were a tiny company back then) - Rhinos were a test plastic model, the Land Raider was next up and were both done by a third party plastics company for GW (it was the same plastics company that did all of the inserts in matchbox(tm) cars for Lesney Productions. All of those plastic seat/internal pieces.).

11-12-2011, 23:58
Interesting facts. There should be a GW History section. So us newbs can go learn all the history of the hobby.

12-12-2011, 00:51
So, one can assume that the true-scale marines convertions out there are correct in portraying SMs as bigger than IG and WHs, but we are unable to tell how much, since the humans figures themselves are not correctly portrayed, being in heroic, 28mm scale?

The Death of Reason
12-12-2011, 06:35
Also, when GW first introduced space marines back in RT days, the marines weren't 10' tall brainwashed zealots of doom, but more in tune with the common man, although still enhanced by various implants - just not to this ridiculous degree that they are portrayed today.

In fact, when playing marines at the time, the rules actually reflected the fluff, marines were roughly 50% better statwise than common guardsmen and had better equipment. While we're now supposed to believe that a marine would be able to take out a company of guardsmen singlehandedly, which is something you just won't see on the tabletop :p

Col. Tartleton
12-12-2011, 07:51
They're only about seven and half feet tall with about six inches of give each way. The giants of the chapter or anyone in terminators armor being about eight feet tall (and presumably the token giant of a marine in terminator armor are like 8'6", like Pasanius presumably is, since he's wearing artificer armor made from terminator armor), the primarchs were about nine feet tall and were to marines what marines are to men, a head and shoulders above the rest.

They're about as dangerous as you would imagine a man sized light tank piloted by a psychopathic killer with a diamond edged saw-sword and armor piercing human-atomizer to be.

On the other hand we're systematically under estimating the sheer amount of tech and training the average guardsman has by treating them in the writing like they're PDF militiamen armed with cheap knock off Japanese lasguns and flak jackets. Realistically they'd steam roll most of the standard infantry in other science fiction settings.