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12-12-2011, 19:37
This is a first crack at a list with my new WoC army that will serve as the basis for what I acquire and should be seen as a take all comers type of army (since I am unsure of the meta here yet). Please critique.

Sorcerer Lord - 375
(lvl 4, MoT, talis of preservation, enchanted shield, infernal puppet

Exalted Hero - 199
(BSB, MoT, talis of endurance, stream of corruption, halberd)
Sorcerer - 155
(MoT, golden eye of T, dispel scroll)

36 Marauders - 222
(MoK, GW, musician, standard bearer)
12 Chaos Warriors - 287
(MoN, halberds, full command, banner of rage)
5 Chaos Warhounds - 30

24 Chosen - 581
(MoT, halberds, full command w/fotg, wailing banner)

Chaos Warshrine - 150

Total = 1999

How does that look?

Mr. Shine
12-12-2011, 22:49
24 Chosen is probably more than you need for 2000-point games. I'd drop them to 18. Get more Marauders and more Warriors. I'd recommend the Warriors with Mark of Tzeentch and Shields as an anvil to the Marauders' hammer.

13-12-2011, 11:09
I tend to agree, you only need 18 chosen at this points level, you don't really need a lvl4 and a lvl2, its just to many points in characters, making the warriors 18 strong would be alot more useful, you could also use some hounds, maybe even knights/dragon ogres.

14-12-2011, 15:36
Taking away 6 chosen would leave me with an extra 114 points. I like the extra sorcerer for the dispel scroll and golden eye though. 114 points could get me a few more warriors, a ton more marauders, or a unit of horsemen (I have one unit of hounds in the list already, should I have more)?

14-12-2011, 16:38
add second warhound unit and more warriors...