View Full Version : Twisted Troop Tourney Report

12-12-2011, 21:20
First game I played John Bunn from Kansas City with his Ogres. He had Ironguts, bulls, the cannon thing, mournfang, yhettees, gorger, stonehorn, butcher, firebelly and bsb. His mournfang completely destroyed my Saurus Warriors with HW and Shield in one combat. If I could have saved three more wounds I would have been steadfast rerollable 10 and could have held then hit him in the flank with my ancient stegadon. Luckily after their overrun they were effectively out of the game. I got his yhettees with salamanders and blowpipes. I took out his ironguts with engine and spears with my scar vet. Not getting stomp and my salamanders templates being less effective made the game tough on me, but I ended up edgeing out a 300 some point win with full objecive points. Soulblight was good, but my magic wasn't too amazing this game.

Second game was some hot lizard on lizard action vs. Shannon whose last name escapes me from the twin cities. Lizard on lizard is fairly boring as out shooting is mostly innefective and our guys just hit each other a lot for little effect. I ended up edging out another small victory with full victory points, as I got one of his saurus blocks and he only got some sallies and chamos.

Third game was against Matt Schaeffers Skaven. He had double aboms, grey seer on bell in a huge block of storm vermin, two big blocks of slaves, big block of plagu monks, some censor bearers and gutter runners. I took out the gutter runners with salamanders right away and started whittling away on the rest of the units. I tried to whittle them down as much as possible before combat, but ended up just sitting in combat killing slogs of rats for little to no points til the end of the game. I had one abom down to one wound and the other had a few wounds on it, so one more turn would have got me some more points, but we ended the game with me taking out a huge block of rats and gutter runners and he had taken out two salamanders. I had killed tons more rats, but no points for them:) So this game ended in a draw.

Overall I was pretty happy with my list, but it seemed I just couldn't get enough things killed in time to get big wins.