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13-12-2011, 08:50
Morning Warseer :)

Just a quick little plog from myself, showing off the xmas present I've painted up for my father-in-law. Like myself, he's a Doctor Who fan and I've been looking for an excuse to paint these little beauties from Heresy Miniatures and Hasslefree Miniatures for a while.

Just a quick note on the miniatures themselves - the Doctor and Amy are fantastic sculpts and a pleasure to paint, very smooth, nicely detailed. The Tardis was decent, but a few bits of awkwardly placed flash in the windows and the lettering on the roof was a little shallow in places.

Anyways, enough chatting, on with the pics - first up, the TARDIS itself:


Lightings not great I know, but the flash from my camera was too flashy. Still, its looks good enough there and better IRL. The blue is Necron Abyss, Mordian Blue, Dheneb Stone in various drybrushed stages with an Asurmen Blue/Badab Black wash at the end. Nice and simple, but turned out nicely I think.

13-12-2011, 09:04
Next up, the delectable Amy Pond:


And the main gentleman himself:


Very much enjoyed painting these - it was refreshing to paint something entirely different to the massed ranks of bone coloured dark elves that have colonised my painting recently.

Anyways, enough frome me, hope you like Warseer.

13-12-2011, 10:12
they are cool love the paint jobs. Will have have a look at those minis i love dr who i have all the dvd's old and new

colonel kane trine
13-12-2011, 10:34
There cool mate!

Do they have any other figures or is it just those 3?
I wouldnt mind some daleks or cybermen

13-12-2011, 10:49
They look great. I hope your father-in-law likes them.

13-12-2011, 15:04
Cheers everyone - they are really nice minis to be fair so it'd be hard work to mess them up. The company that does the Doctor and Amy (Heresy Miniatures) also does an alternate 11th Doctor, a 10th Doctor, a Master and K9. No daleks or cybermen as yet but apparently they are working on a Rory the Roman.

Fingers crossed that the wifes dad likes them, but then I've already married, ruined and impregnated his first born daughter so it's a little late if he doesn't :)

13-12-2011, 16:38
You might like to know about the rules from Crooked Dice for 70s TV-inspired miniatures wargaming:


Curiously, it includes rules for teleporting police boxes...