View Full Version : What would happen if missle launchers could fire frag missles anymore?

13-12-2011, 23:03
How do you guys think the current meta wound change if missle launchers could not fire frag missles anymore?

Nurgling Chieftain
13-12-2011, 23:10
Almost not at all, sadly. People don't buy missile launchers for the frags, they're just a nice bonus.

13-12-2011, 23:10
Or if they could ONLY fire Frags?

Only in a couple circumstances. Some players dismiss them because they don't hit as hard as the Melta or the Lascannon, or they don't field infantry-based Heavy weapons at all.

13-12-2011, 23:14
That would be a big change.
They've been capable of firing frag or krak rounds since RT.

What next, Bolters going to S3 with AP-?

If they could only fire frag, then mortars would be out of a job as well.

13-12-2011, 23:21
I ask because every tourney list I see that has land speeders uses typhoons, every dev squad is 4-5 missle launchers and it seems that is alot of tourney list's Anti infantry.

13-12-2011, 23:23
Well, Missile Launchers offer a lot of multi-mode firing. It can crack Armor and PA with relative ease, and with things less tough, you can blast them apart.

Short story: If MLs have only one shot type, they'd have to drop in price significantly to not be taken over a Multimelta or Lascannon.

13-12-2011, 23:27
But theyre already an upgrade that costs 0 points :o how much cheapter would they need to become? :eek:

13-12-2011, 23:34
exactly. People spam missle launchers to deal with light armor and horde and meltaguns to take out av 13+. what if you actually forced people to take anti horde weapons again. You would see flamers on every grey hunters squad instead of meltaguns.

13-12-2011, 23:43
You wouldn't see Flamers on every Grey Hunter squad because Grey Hunters already excel at fighting hoards, what with every model having a Bolter and 3 attacks in close combat.

So in answer to the OPs question, little to nothing would change.

14-12-2011, 00:00
How do you guys think the current meta wound change if missle launchers could not fire frag missles anymore?
Probably not much at all. They're taken like hotcakes in Marine lists because they can get lots of shots that are effective against medium vehicles and multiwound T4 models for fairly cheap. Frag doesn't really factor into those considerations, it's a nice bonus, but you probably wouldn't see much of a decrease in their use, especially with Cyclones where they get 2 shots or Long Fangs that get 5 shots from the unit, though you may ensure their extinction amongst Imperial Guard armies where they're already rare.

TL;DR probably not much of a change.

14-12-2011, 00:30
I do enjoy a bit of missile launching doom! In my CSM list i have 2 tactical squads with a ML and PG in each and they are really good all round troops, capable of knocking out rhinos/Razorbacks etc and any light stuff like raiders or land speeders. They can also pop dreads which is good. But then when the enemy gets in close the squads come into their own and unload with rapid fire plasma and bolters!

Everyones all about the melta these days but the humble ML is a great weapon with a long range.