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14-12-2011, 12:51
Lords (625)

Vampire Lord (335)
Lord of the Dead
Forbidden Lore (Vampires)
Helm of Commandment

Vampire Lord (290)
Forbidden Lore (Vampires)

Hero’s (610)

Vampire (170)
Lord of the Dead
Forbidden Lore (Vampires)
Power Stone

Vampire (120)

Crimson Gem of Lahmia (20)

Vampire (175)

Flayed Hauberk
Dispel Scroll
Hunter in the Dark (scout)

Wight King (145)

Sword of Kings
The Cursed Book

Core (668)

2 x 10 Skeleton Warriors (196)


3x 10 Skeleton Warriors (264)

Hand weapon

25 Ghouls (208)


Special (595)

40 Graveguard

Great Weapons
Heavy Armour
Full Command
Banner of the Barrows

Total: 2,498

The musty plan

Domination of the magic phase is important. With 4 dice free every power phase (providing i dont roll to high on the dice pool) and the option of a power stone and using the gem for the extra dice should hopefully see me right. And with 5 chanelling attempts im bound to pick up some extra dice if i do roll low and hopefully an extra dispel dice

The army will line up with the ghouls and gg in the center on either side of the general and his bunker. The army will aim to get within 18" of the enemy so i can use curse of years. With 3 loremaster and the chance of getting a 4th curse of years from my other vamps im hopefull that casting these on the enemies big "deathstar" or main units will force him (as, chances are, he wont be able to dispel them all) to use his own power dice to dispel them. And at 8+ i should be able to throw 2 dice at it with a decent sucsess rate.

I will also use numerous summon undead hordes to increase my units of 10 from the off. These units will mainly be charge bait. when then enemy are close enough they will wheel round into such a position that they force the enmey units to charge them and hopefully expose the flanks of the unit to either my ghouls or GG.

The vampire with scout will war machine/wizard hunt or suicide into the rear of one of the enemies big units to hold him up for a turn if i think that will benifit me. With a 2+ armour save into the flank or rear of an small unit (not to many ranks) he might actually stand a chance of winning the combat!! He could also use the signiture spell and raise zombies to deflect enemies in the wrong direction

I also have other options of trying multiple winds of undeath and raise spirit hosts to annoy/deflect charges and gaze of nagash isnt to bad for 2d6 s4 hits on an 8+

This list may prove not to be competative, but it makes a chage from my normal lists and hopefully should be fun to play. Lots of 1 dice invocation of nehek spam anyone?

Any thoughts and comments are welcome :)

14-12-2011, 15:47
i like it ...

14-12-2011, 20:26
so death by vamp low casting spam? love it. make sure you let us know how this went.

Not even Lore of Death huh? I usually include this on a loremaster just so I can have effectively have 2 magic phases in one turn if the battle is going bad for me.

My only other concern is the lack of any types of saves on your vamp lords.....

15-12-2011, 06:35
This list is very sneaky and magical I dead to see your enemys face when he realises your casting all those curse of years on 2 dice :p

15-12-2011, 07:50
haha, yes its quiet sneaky.

Lore of averages also should mean i cast curse of years on an 8+ on 2 dice with a level 1 wizard 21 out of 36 times. and on a level 2 the chance increases to 26/36 for a 2 dice.

First thing every turn i can use the second lords motba dice to attempt a curse of years and go from there.

just out of curiosity, if i have a curse of years active after mine and my opponents magic phases, can i cast another in the following turn with the same vampire that cast the still active one?

I will do a report on this using battle cronicler and post it in the forum and put a link in here :skull:

Hopefully i will be playing a skaven army tomorrow so all those big units of rats......roll on curse of years.

15-12-2011, 07:54
Nope you cant if a wizard cast curse of years that wizard cant cast that spell again til their curse of years has been dispelled

15-12-2011, 12:22
i thought that was the case. Hey, i dont expect him to let them go on for that long anyways, and i have 3-4 copies of it :)

15-12-2011, 13:16
Lol you do and if he keeps ignoring them then I feel sorry for the unit that they are on :)

15-12-2011, 15:43
I think in a 2.5k game there will be quite a few units its gunna be worth casting it on.

Actually I am thinking of copying this 2nite....