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14-12-2011, 17:57
I haven't seen a thread on this topic, I thought I'd drop my ideas in the pond and see if I get any ripples. These are changes that I'd love to see GW incorporate into 6th Edition (I've been playing 40K for 8 years now, I'm sure the true veterans will have a lot more input to contribute LOL) -- and maybe if the community as a whole starts some ground-swell voicing into things we want then perhaps GW will pick up on it! Probably not... but hey it's a fun mental exercise. Thoughts?

Game Mechanics
•Most or nearly all types of cover currently granting 4+ cover becomes 5+ cover

•Delete old Mission-types. All games use a simple Points-system. Kill Points equal 1 Game-point and Objectives equal 3 Game-points. Three levels of game, each level stacks with the ones below it (So Advanced game has KPs and 5 Objectives).

oSimple Level: Kill Points
oStandard Level: 3 Tactical Objectives (placed pre-deployment anywhere on table)
oAdvanced Level: 2 Flag Objectives (placed during deployment inside zone of each player)•All units may hold objectives

•New game-phase order: Shooting phase, Movement Phase, Assault Phase

•Run changed: D6 for normal units, D3+3 for Fleet Units

•3 Deployment types:

oPitched Battle (Long edges)
oSpearhead (Corner-quarters)

o"Long Diagonal" (as in Apocalypse but strict corner-to-corner)

•Force Commander: If list contains no Named Characters, then one chosen HQ model (note: Model not Unit) gains a free USR (In the presence of Named Characters, a Commander’s natural combat skills are prevented from surfacing because they don’t want to show up their boss, and so they fight conventionally)

•Deep Strike Mishaps: If unit lands on top of friendly units, within 1” of enemy, or in Impassable terrain, always reduce movement until allowed legal placement on table (as in Drop Pods). Then the Unit rolls on Mishap Table:

o1-2: All models take one wound no saves of any kind
o3-6: All models take one wound with saves allowed•Deep Strike off table stills destroys Unit

•Reactive Fire: Models that do not shoot or run (note: Models not Units) may shoot pistols or rapid fire weapons at a charging unit after the chargers have finished the charge move but before assault begins.

oExample: 5 Tactical Marines, one with Missile Launcher. Unit fires the ML but bolters do nothing—then next turn if the Unit gets charged the 4 bolters may fire
•Defensive weapons are Strength 5 or less
•Vehicle Damage Result Table stays the same. However, Glancing hits are -1 and all Penetrating hits are +1 modifier
•AP1 weapons upgrade all glancing hits to penetrating hits
•Grenades hit non-WS vehicles on 4+ regardless of movement modifiers (vehicles can’t do much to stop a sticky-bomb)
•Tank shock pushes models 1” out of the way along the entire path of vehicle travel
•Tank shock does not cause an automatic leadership test
•Delete old Death or Glory rule
•If a unit wishes to attack a tank shock, it must pass leadership
•Any model (note: model not unit) that would be forced to move due to Tank Shock may choose to make close combat attacks or use grenades on the vehicle; if vehicle not destroyed or immobilized then that model takes a wound with saves allowed then moved out of the way

Flyer-stand Models
•Flyers cannot be assaulted except by Jump Infantry hitting on 6+
•New movement mode ‘Fly’: flyers granted unlimited move, but may not have fired that turn (remember shooting happens before moving) and no disembarking that turn. Also, the Flyer and Transported Unit don’t count for scoring or contesting through to the following turn
•Flyers can fire all weapons then still move at cruising speed
•Flyers can fire 1 Weapon and all Defensive weapons then still move flat-out