View Full Version : Starting "Blood in the Badlands"

14-12-2011, 21:20
So my group is trying to work out how to start the Blood in the Badlands campaign (Or rather a campaign inspired by Blood in the Badlands.)

We were thinking of incorporating some other aspects of campaigns to the campaign.

We were thinking of having it be escalation style, but keeping the "seasons" theme from the badlands book. So in Winter (when we would be starting.) armies would be built with 1500 points, and ever season (as the conflict heats up.) adding 500 points so for the final battle 3,000 point forces would clash.

Has anyone tried this?

We are thinking of 3 games per season with a "season finale" with all of the forces engaging.

We were also thinking of having players lock in their generals as well as 80% of their forces and having 20% wiggle room. These choices would last for 1 season and players could rebuild their forces at the start of every season.

So in Winter we would all submit 1200 point lists (that don't have to be legal.) and then be able to add 300 points to this list that could change at every battle. (And we would have mines and things like that that could potentially provide even more points per battle.)

We are going to use a map and code which army is where and what general is leading each force.

Any thoughts on any of this? Any experience?