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20-04-2006, 12:51
Hi everyone,

I was running with two 500 pt forces but now they've upped the point limit for the GT I've been working on new lists.

If you could give me your opinions and any suggestions it would be much appreciated! I'm interested in keeping the theme as I've always been complemented on it in the past but also effectiveness!

Also - a big question for me - is the Ringwraith theme wise acceptable and is he worth bringing along - I've never used one before but thought this would be the perfect opportunity!?

Thanks in advance

Malchek ;)

LOTR Evil Force

1 x Ringwraith - mounted

1 x Lurtz

1 x Orc - banner

6 x uruk hai - crossbows

8 x uruk hai - pikes

8 x orcs - spears

14 x uruk hai - shields

3 x orcs - shields

= 600pts

LOTR Good Force

1 x Eomer - shield horse

1 x captain of Rohan - heavy armour, shield

1 x Rider of Rohan - banner

16 x riders of Rohan

1 x warrior of Rohan - banner

9 x warriors of Rohan - shields

6 x warriors of rohan - shields, throwing spears

3 x Rohan royal guard - throwing spears

5 x warriors of rohan - bows

What do you reckon...?

21-04-2006, 08:23
Anyone gonna give me some feedback...? ;)

21-04-2006, 11:49
Take only one banner per army.
Add some orc bowmen to your Isenguard force.
Your armies look decent enough

Lord Gordonis
21-04-2006, 12:30
Your good force is very good by having two banners one on foot and the other mounted, otherwise if you have one banner then it is more likely that you will lose combats, rather than winning them, tho if your cavalry charging foot models you get 2 dice rather than just the 1, so it is more chance of winning with 2 dice but dice can be fickle they definatley did for me lol, so I think that your good force is fine, but why do you have a mounted ringwraith??, I would put the ringwraith on foot and you can get few more orcs with that with either a shield armed warrior or a spear armed warrior. Otherwise from that it looks good as well

21-04-2006, 16:02

thanks for the feedback ;)

The reason I've included the mounted ringwraith is because I have the model! Not a great reason I know but I liked the model and bought it but have never used it so I thought I'd chuck him in for good measure - do u reckon I could get away with it...?

The two banners in the good army is so I have one to support my infantry (who will definately need it) and another for my cavalry - I know cav have an advantage anyway but it always helps especially if u lose priority and get charged.... I've played with it a couple of times and its pretty solid ;)

As for orc bowmen I'd rather go for more crossbows - I never kill anything with orc bows (or my Rohan bows for that matter! ;) I was wondering if maybe I needed more shield armed warriors as I play in usual phalanx formation but that leaves me with only 6 uruks and 3 orcs spare for other duties - what do u think?

Lord Gordonis
21-04-2006, 16:51
I think that u could get away with that, b/c he has got alot of movement, so that he can cast magic then move behind some cover which is always useful for a ringwraith.

Yep very true indeed about cav getting charged always useful for a banner to be in there.

I would as well b/c st4 xbow is useful for knocking down cav models as well as foot models like characters etc. You have enough shield warroirs but I think you need some more pikemen to back up the warriors tho, I would get rid of the orcs anyway I htnk they are just use ful in an mordor army rather than a isengard force. The only other thing i would suggest would be to get some wargs b/c u will get crumpled against a rohan force or another mounted force, wargs w/ either throwing spear and shield or just shield and hnd wpn, b/c then you can counter charge cav models so they dont get an extra dice for charging against foot models.


21-04-2006, 19:16
The reason i suggetsed one banner was that for the same cost as one you can get two extra riders. It's not essential and everyone plays their own way.
The orcs with bows don't really need to do anything as they're useful as shields for your crossbows.