View Full Version : Chaos Dreadnought Close Combat Arms

15-12-2011, 17:54
I didn't see a specific forum for Painting/Modeling so I apologize if I missed something.

Does anyone know where good Chaos-y Dreadnought arms can be acquired (aftermarket) or where there are good guides to making your own? I got the metal kit on the super cheap and I absolutely despise the one that comes with the model.

Thank you in advance.

15-12-2011, 18:58
Forge World have some stuff, not sure how compatiable it is with the metal model. I guess you can just plonk it on there, but as I say my word is a guess.


Edit: there are a couple of ccw arms for loyalist dreads you might want too:

15-12-2011, 19:16
Also check Ork Killa Kans & Deff Dreads, along with the Dark Eldar Talos. The Talos, in particular, has an awesome studded gauntlet.