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15-12-2011, 21:28
As a part of a series of linked games, it turns out that skaven army is going to be the defender in a siege game on Monday.

I just realized that there's no ranks and therefore no SiN bonus for units occupying buildings.

The game is at 1000 points with the relief force being determined by turn 3 of a simoltaneous game with bagage trains on another table by the way, meaning I only have 1000 points of skaven defending the castle. I do have an ally who plays WoC, and will be joining me in the defence though.

But back on topic, how do you play skaven defending a castle, when you're basically limited to LD7 (which I will always have, as my General Leveled up and was awarded with an 18'' bubble which covers the entire castle)?

Should I let my chaos Ally defend the walls, and then park slave trains in the yard, ready to tarpit stuff that breaches through walls?

I desperately need help...

15-12-2011, 21:34
Or just for coolness man the walls with Stormvermin, Plaguemonks and Rat Ogres and try to weaken the enemy from range with your artilllery. Maybe a tunneling team for some sneaky anti-warmachine action.

The Low King
15-12-2011, 21:38
Counter attack....

or use your tougher units to defend key areas whilst the cheap ones act as speedbumps....

15-12-2011, 22:49
I've only got 20 Stormvermin models, and no eshin at all except for an assassin. Also, the army restrictions follow that of a normal 1000 points game, except that I must include my surviving characters which are:

Warlord, Charmed Shield, Warpmusket, Foul Pendant, Halberd, Poisoned Attacks.
(Level ups: 18" Inspiring Pressence, +1 BS, Sniper. Injuries: none)

Chieftain, BSB, Enchanted Shield
(Level ups: +1 I. Injuries: none)

Warlock Engeneer, Lvl 2 Wizard, Doom-Rocket, Warp-Energy Condenser
(Level ups: none. Injuries: -1 WS)

These Characters must be included as they have survived in the army from previous battles. I had originally thought of a Clanrat bunker for BSB and Warlord in a tower, granting bubbles to 3 units of 45 slaves defending the courtyard in case of breaches. Remaining towers would be occupied by a Hellcannon and 2 WLC's while 3 units of 12 chaos warriors of Khorne defended the towers. A defender's upgrade picked by one of us would be a Wizard's Tower, occupied by the Warlock Engeneer and a Chaos Sorceror General with Death lore and 3rd eye of Tzeentch (for casting that nasty metal spell back at the empire knights). Also, did I mention that the attacking force will be 2 2000 point empire armies. I can't include the Brass orb, as my Brass orb Engeneer is currently captured by one of the besiegers' armies. I got his Lvl 4 Fire Mage in my dungeon though. I think freeing him is actually the main course of the siege, although one can only speculate and plot...

What would you suggest for a 1000 point list with those characters included as a must, and how qould you play the suggested army?

15-12-2011, 23:16
To be honest, I can't see this myself. Skaven are aweful at attacking buildings and the only thing they do worst at is defending them! This was a problem with the old warhammer seige as well where armies with elite CC infantry always had a better time of it than hordes.

At least when attacking you can breach the walls fairly easily and go for attrition, defending just seems a lost cause as you are attempting to beat the enemy in an even numbered combat. I think your plan of letting the chaos forces defend the walls is a good one.

Your best troops for defending/attacking walls would be storm vermin (try and include a warlock with skaven brew to buff them and maybe cast death frenzy at an opportune time) and rat ogres. Fire weapons also get to re-roll to wound against stuff in buildings, so putting warpfire throwers in the courtyard could make the lives of any troops that do take the walls difficult. You are probably best counter attacking or sallying out of the gate. At least empire aren't super great in combat either.

15-12-2011, 23:21
Do you have to stay in the castle? It's hard to besiege a castle when you can't reach the walls due to the hundreds of steadfast slaves standing in front of them while frantic skyre engineers are lobbing all kinds of nasty crap from the battlements.

Slaves let you create some cheap, sizeable barriers in front of the walls and you have an excellent toolset for ranged destruction. You won't even be hampered by slaves bogging units down in combat. When people do make it to the battlements you have flame throwers to sweep them off again.

Aside from that you got tunneling teams that can reach out and attack enemy artillery without having to cross the entire table. And an abomination would make a pretty good plug if someone manages to breach a gate or wall.

The Low King
15-12-2011, 23:27
Lots of warmachines and missile troops...ensure every bit of wall is defended even just if by slaves..

If you can send something out the gate to tie up their troops

personally, i would try and have your Warlord leading from the back...using his LD (backed up maybe by the +1 LD banner) to help your troops..

The bearded one
15-12-2011, 23:40
I've never had this situation arise so.. can you use a template weapon from a building? I can't find anything prohibiting it in the buildingrules. Seeing as you get a shot before first turn, I'd take a couple of warpfirethrowers and such and flame on. The enemy gets to start 8" away IIRC and the flametemplate is 8" long, so you basically will hit something unless you roll a misfire. Man your walls with your hittiest troops, such as rat ogres and your chaos warrior allies.

16-12-2011, 00:35
I second the rat ogre idea. They will hurt the empire troops. Try to take a character with crown of command, to give you stubborn since you more than likely won't be steadfast. stubborn 7 with reroll from BSB is pretty good odds of staying. Maybe give a unit the std of discipline to boost it up to 8? I think you're best options would be to o****erattack, with stormvermin, rat ogres, bring in some gutter runners from behind, and keep the chaos warriors on the walls to defend.

I also like the idea of shooting out of the walls with WFT. You should burn some large swathes of troops with those. the main knock against them is the Move or Fire and relatively short range. Both of those are knocked out when defending... Burn-Burn the man-thing!

The Low King
16-12-2011, 00:59

lol, do this ^^^^

16-12-2011, 01:36
Skaven fighting in a building eh.

How about 30 rerollable strength 5 attacks?
Maybe killing half the T3 enemies before combat would help?

Yay for censer bearers! They will die but they will dish out some pain, especially against the man-things. Take a unit of 13, certain to be blessed. ;)

16-12-2011, 04:14
The last post got it right- Plague censor bearers are awesome at defending buildings- the only problem is they might leave the castle-

Take 2 wlc's-

Standard of discipline- can let you pump out ld 8

16-12-2011, 10:00
Place warmachines on the battlements.
Place the rest of your army in reserve and let chaos hold the town until the Skaven reliefforce turns up.

16-12-2011, 13:00
Censer bearers are one of the best building assault/defence units in the game. Plague monks are solid too, particularly with the plague banner. Stormvermin in a tower of blood are another good option.

17-12-2011, 18:12
Yea I would just mass censer bearers with points allotted. If you are going to be helping with defense anyway.. Otherwise run slave tarpits and warmachines and let the woc player defend in close combat. You could still get death globes from globadier champions. Your assassing can still take on warmachines by himself.

19-12-2011, 09:49
You can split SV up into units of 10 and have a PWM in each for a cheap cost of 135 points each :)

Unsure what you can do once the enemy gets to the walls... skaven tend to work in their ability to soak up casualties so a column of slaves surging out should hold them up for a bit longer :)