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16-12-2011, 16:27
So, I was reading one of the short-story compilations about Space Marines and I noticed something odd. Preceding one story were records taken from an Imperial historical text written in the 42nd millenium.

Are there any other references to the 42nd millenium? It was the latter bit of that millenium, I think in the 700's. That would mean some form of the Imperium would exist 700 years after Medusa V.

Second question: Intended canon fluff or editor oversight? How do you interpret it?

16-12-2011, 16:30
Well I think in the main rulebook there are dates from 41.9... but I could be wrong

16-12-2011, 16:46
Draigo strikes again...

...he was originally dragged into the warp in M41.999 so any descriptions of him temporarily escaping (like the incident described in his character bio) could have happened anywhere from M42 onwards.

Lord Damocles
16-12-2011, 17:15
This comes up every so often. i'm sure an Avanced Search would turn up something useful.

The editorial notes from the Commissar Cain series are written in M42.
Cadian Blood is set early in M42
as is Dawn of War II and it's expansions Chaos Rising and Retribution.

There's no reason why suddenly at midnight on the turn of the millenium, everyone should hit their big red 'doomsday' buttons and destroy the Imperium.

17-12-2011, 01:11
and there was me thinking the nids were the M42 millenium bug!

Surely draigo could pop out the warp before he was first lost? Wibbly warply timey wimey and all.