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16-12-2011, 21:54
So i am attempting to outreach myself in 2012 and do the tournament rounds...despite only having played 2 games of fantasy at this point. My new years resolution is to finish my tomb kings army ASAP.

This is the list, let me know what you think guys, help is much appreciated!


Lvl 4 High Liche Priest - 255 (Heirophant)
-Talisman of Preservation
-Lore of Nehekhara

Lvl 4 High Liche Priest - 210
-Lore of Light


Tomb Prince - 154
-Armour of the Silvered Steed
-Dragonbane Gem
-Great Weapon

Necrotect - 70


58 Skeleton Warriors - 262 (Prince and Tect here)
-Full Command

18 Archers - 108 (Priests here)

4 Chariots - 260
-Full Command
-Banner of Flame


Warsphinx - 230
-Fiery Roar


Necrosphinx - 225

Catapult - 90

Casket of Souls - 135

Total Points: 1999

The basic tactic is to use the skeletons as a major tarpit unit, buffed by spells they can actually be quite a powerhouse i have found. The archers are charged with preventing skirmishers (skinks, gutter runners etc) from flanking, again the +1 shot spell wil be needed to maximise these guys.

The rest of the army is the hammer to the anvil, looking to hit flanks of advancing units, or take frontal charges to set up other flanks.

The catapult and casket need no explanation really.

So tell me where to improve guys,

Thanks, SteVie

16-12-2011, 23:45
I think two Lv4's is overkill, very rarely will you have enough dice to use them both effectively, plus chances are you will be throwing 6 dice at the casket, so even more overkill

Id drop the Lv 4 light priest and replace him with a lvl 2 with lore of light and a dispel scroll, that saves you 80 points.

I'd also drop the necrosphinx in favor of another warsphinx, or more archers, or a unit of necro knights. With the extra archers you could put a priest in each, making the enemy choose between targets, because I can tell you from experience, once your opponent sees both your casters in that fragile unit they will smash it, splitting them up might be a good idea.

17-12-2011, 13:06
Hey I get what you are saying! I only had the second level 4 so I could guarntee the light spells I really need! But I have dropped him to lvl 2, and added in another unit of archers to make 2 units of 15 for each priest!

Then to fill points an ironcurse icon on the tect! Looks more solid all round as well as more archers to harass more targets :)

17-12-2011, 22:30
Yeah I get what you are saying about the lore of light . There are some sexy spells in there. I cast timewarp on my horde of tomb guard with a king and tect. It was brutal. Its a shame that your highest level caster has to take the khemri lore. Can I ask why the necrosphynx is there? I've never fielded one myself so Im just curious as to what task it will be filling

19-12-2011, 11:40
Well first off, i love the model :D its sweet so i wanted one lol

Second it actually has some uses, its the fastest thing in our book as it can fly so makes a great first turn charger, even if it dies ive seen it cause disruption by blocking other units etc whilst we get into position.

It also makes a good warmachine hunter if you fly it down an extreme flank, opponents dont want turn to face it because they will receive a flank charge from chariots :D

It is a useful unit, but more so i love the model.