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17-12-2011, 15:42
After watching a few games of fantasy between me and my regular opponent a friend has commisioned me to write/buy/create/paint a DE list. He is wanting to join us for a 3000pt tourney which is in march, so i need to get a move on. C&C needed!

I wrote this list with a couple of things in mind:
1. He has never played fantasy before (competent 40k player) so wanted to keep the army 'simple' in direction and play style.
2. I wanted to give him a selection of units and options, so he would have something to do in each phase.
3. He didnt want to be stuck for smaller games, so the overall force needs to be useable at 2000 and 3000pts.

S.Sorceress (shadow), S.dagger, seal of ghrond

Sorceress (dark magic) D.scroll

Hag, BSB, Cauldron

20 Warriors, Command

10 Xbowmen

10 Xbowmen

5 Harpies

30 Corsairs, command, banner of murder

30 Witch elves, command

7 Shades


For now here is the first 2000pts, any advice on this list or what should be added to make the 3000pts list?

17-12-2011, 15:48
The Frenzy banner would be better on the Corsairs, chances are they'll be engaging with Minrazor or Killing Blow, in either case the AP won't really help.

It could go on the Witches, but tbh I'd be inclined to swap them out for a unit of Black Guard- at the moment, there are several match-up where both the Corsairs and Witches will need Shadow magic to be able to hold their own, and so you won't be able to engage with both at once. Black Guard get round this with the high WS, S4 and re-roll in every round.

Musicians on the xbows would be nice, as would the Standard of Discipline on the warriors and AHWs on the shades.

Just out of interest, what tournament is this for?

17-12-2011, 16:58
Thanks for the feedback tom. I dislike b.guard a little as they kinda dont mesh with my idea of a d.elf army, but i do see your point.
Its a small local tourney at my LGS.

Assuming i take the b.guard, for the next 1000 i would probably add the witches above\flame banner, more shades, bolt thrower or two, chariot and another hydra...cuz y'know ;)

19-12-2011, 03:10
Not sure about chariots. I'm not sure why people like chariots in general. They can't march, which is a big disadvantage and if they don't kill it with impacts hits and the first round, it's stuck. Also model isn't available, so unless you like converting I wouldn't recommend to a beginner.

Cold one knights are loved or meh it seems. But the models are fantastic and can be used as Master or Lord conversions. They can be a good hammer and have good mobility. They are a solid Calvary choice in any case.

19-12-2011, 07:31
Ahh i didnt know it was unavailable. Cold one knights seem like fun, with ASF banner?

So the 3000pts would look something like this, to this i think i could add an unkillable lord or an assassin. Are assassins any fun?

S.Sorceress (shadow), LVL4, S.dagger, seal of ghrond

Sorceress (dark magic) LVL2, D.scroll, dark pegasus

Hag, BSB, Cauldron

20 Warriors, Command, standard of discipline

10 Xbowmen

10 Xbowmen

5 Harpies

30 Corsairs, command, frenzy banner

30 Witch elves, command, flame banner

20 black guard, command, banner?

6-8 Cold one knights, command, banner?

7 Shades

7 shades

Bolt thrower


19-12-2011, 07:38
A personal favorite of mine (cause they're total ballers) are executioners, line them up with the standard of hag graef, and they will wreck stuff (I5 S6, killing blow)

19-12-2011, 07:56
Assassins are decent, I'd say. Oh, no, wait, they used to be decent, back before 8th. Now they will just eat up step up attacks and die in 2-3 rounds of combat. Not worth the 100+ point investment, in my oppinion.

I found that witch elves work best (for me) in multiple small units. Unit of 10 with a rune of khaine champ puts out 11+D3 attacks from the front and another 5 form the back row.
Big units of witches get focussed on, and because they have no save, they die fast. Small units tend to be ignored, because they won't likely break a big steadfast unit, but that's a lot of attacks that take many people by surprise, and can still be deadly, if you buff them.

This is all my experience, of course, your mileage might vary.

I used to play a unit of 9 or 11 cold one knights with a noble (master) BSB with a hydra banner and cauldron support. A banner of armour piercing on the unit so 2+ saves are almost taken out of the equation on the charge.

It is not very good any more, but it still packs a punch. Frontage of 6, on the charge, with a 1+ attack cauldron blessing you get 21 ws5 str6 AP attacks and 12 ws3 str 4 AP attacks from the lizards. Besides, the models are very very nice.

Give it a try in a non-tourney game, you or your friend, you just might like the dragon-lizard knights. :)

19-12-2011, 13:43
I understand what you mean Markerlight, i have seen people use witch-darts as an effective slap-in-the-face unit. With mindrazor they are lethal and MUST be scrolled.

The reason i took a large units was because my friend is new to the game i thought he would be better taking things like large corsairs/witches and punchy knights, as he plays the game more he can break down the larger units into smaller finesse style army at a later date.

Dont get me wrong i love lizard knights - i have 8 godzilla style cold ones in my lizardmen army.