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18-12-2011, 13:51
Chaos Lord Konrad Skulltaker 399 points
Mark Of Khorne
Chaos Steed (Barded)
Word Of Pain (One use only pick a model hes in base contact with and they suffer D6 strength 4 hits no armour save allowed)
Axe Of Khorne (+1 strength killing blow)
Helm Of Many Eyes (Always strike first but is subject to stupidity)
Collar Of Khorne (Magic res 2 and 6+ ward)
Charmed Shield (First hit is ignored on a 2+)

Exalted Champion Valken 236 points
Blood Curdling Roar (2D6 strength 1 hits no armour. save allowed shooting attack)
Chaos Steed (Barded)
Sword Of Swift Slaying (Always strike first)
Necrotic Phylactery (Immune to the lores of death and nurgle and automatically passes characteristics tests except leadership)
Enchanted Shield (Shield that gives +2 to the armour save)

Exalted Champion Kharn 144 points
Mark Of Khorne
Dragon Helm

Kharn's Warriors (23x chaos warriors) 443 points (Kharn goes here)
Mark Of Khorn
Full Command
Banner of eternal flame (Rulebook banner that gives flaming attacks)

Valkens Tribesmen (40x maruders) 250 points
Mark Of Khorne
Full Command

The Blood Hounds (8x war hounds) 48 points

Konrads Knights(5x chaos Knights) 320 points (Konrad and Valken go here)
Mark Of Khorne
Full Command
Blasted Standard

The Blood Altar Of Khorne (Chaos warshrine) 160 points
Mark Of Khorne

2000 points total

18-12-2011, 16:51
i love the idea of khorne lists....a few small changes i would make is swap flails with great weapons on marauders, i would drop the warshrine because in my opinion it really only uses its potential when there are more blocks and one is a chosen block, i would swap out the blasted standard for pretty much anyother banner....im not a big fan of it, and i would consider giving your characters a ward save if possible...or give karn a potion of strength or something...if you have any points left, i would try to add some trolls or something with pop for flanking...other then that i think its a pretty solid list for 2000 points but be prepared to be severly outnumbered due to you only having two blocks....but it should still do pretty well....also, be carful with the knights unit with two characters in it.....in 7th edition it was easier to do so, but now in 8th edition it could be your demise..

18-12-2011, 17:35
This list is more for fun than anything as like you I love Khorne based lists. My actual more serious list would be a magic heavy one :)

18-12-2011, 20:25
Definitely like the idea of all Khorne list (my favoured God is Khorne), however, due to my very limited experience playing WoC I may prove to be of little use here :confused:

For me, the Warshrine stands out as less than optimum, IMHO.
Perhaps more Warriors would be of more use and I would deffo suggest another unit of dogs.

Other than that I do like it.
Sorry if not much help, but give it a try and let us know ;)

18-12-2011, 20:41
warshrines are great but really great with chosen....if you take more dogs then take two units of 5 to 6 and thats plenty.

18-12-2011, 21:28
I use the shrine to buff the warriors even further