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19-12-2011, 08:52
What should I be getting?! I figure two batallion boxes and a slaughtermaster/butcher.

Two batallions will give me 12 ogres, 12 ironguts, 8 leadbelchers. I can probably kitbash one of the ironguts into a battlestandard bearer.

What would you equip the normal ogres with? Additional handweapons seem to be a cheap option and well ironfists are nice but a 5+ save is generally not seen as a worthy option...

So I was thinking a 1500 list that would have:
A level 3 (edit) Slaughtermaster
A bruiser BSB

A bunch of ogres with additional handweapon and full command
A bunch of ironguts with full command, look out gnoblar

A unit of about 6 leadbelchers.

What you guys think, would this be a feasible 1500 point army that is decent while being pretty cost effective?

19-12-2011, 10:40
Ironfists are great, it's the 5+/6++ that really makes them worthwhile.

You can't take a lvl 3 Butcher, you would need a Slaughtermaster.
But stick him in the Ironguts with the Banner of discipline to give you the LD bump.

Other than yet yeah it's a perfectly feasible army, see if you can find some models for Sabretusks as they are gold.

19-12-2011, 11:05
6 leadbelchers would be evillllllllllllllllllllllllllll

19-12-2011, 11:25
Sorry, I meant slaughtermaster.

19-12-2011, 11:50
Slaughtermaster, General, Level 4 Upgrade
+ Fencer's Blades, Greedy Fist, Sceptre of Stability
+ Lore of The Great Maw
- - - > 375 Points

+ Heavy Armour
+ Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield
+ Battlestandard Bearer
- - - > 184 Points

7 Ironguts, Musician, Standardbearer, Champion, Lookout Gnoblar
+ Standard of Discipline
- - - > 351 Points

9 Ogres, Handweapon & Ironfist, Musician, Standardbearer, Champion
- - - > 318 Points

6 Leadbelchers, Musician
- - - > 268 Points

Total Points Ogre Kingdoms : 1496

you could also exchange the Leadbelchers för Maneaters (they are much better and you can easily convert some of the remaing ogres into them):

4 Maneaters, 4 x Brace of Ogre Pistols, Scouts, Stubborn, Standardbearer
+ Gleaming Pennant
- - - > 263 Points

19-12-2011, 12:13
That is an interesting list! I was thinking along these lines

Level 3 Slaughtermaster
talisman of endurance,
ironcurse icon

Bruiser BSB
armour of fortune
biting blade
iron fist

8 Ogres, ironfists and full command

8 Ironguts, full command, lookout gnoblar
standard of discipline

6 leadbelchers with musician

1 sabretusk
1 sabretusk

Your list seems to be 'arder though.

03-01-2012, 04:31
Here is a small list that I took to a local friendly knock out tournament recently, and won with.

Slaughtermaster, Extra Level, Crown of Command, Fencer's Blades, Dispel Scroll.

Bruiser, Additional Hand Weapon, Armour of Destiny, Battle Standard Bearer.

8 Iron Guts, Full Command, Standard of Discipline.

Gnoblars, Trappers.

4 Mournfang Cavalry, Heavy Armour, Iron Fists, Full Command, Dragonhide Banner.

Iron Blaster.

It is good at Smashing Face.