View Full Version : Dreaded 13th spell and Ogres

19-12-2011, 17:00
Can the dreaded 13th spell target ogres? The way its written it can target infantry units, but does that include monsterous infantry?

19-12-2011, 17:02
The 13th doesn't work on Ogres (or MI for that matter). If it did, I'd feel sorry for those small units disappearing at a rate of knots...

Tzeentch Lover
19-12-2011, 17:08
Used to work on Ogres in 7th when Monstrous Infantry did not exist. Now we have a classification of Monstrous Infantry and Monstrous Infantry=/=Infantry.

Hail to the Great Maw!

19-12-2011, 17:08
Monstrous Infantry is not Infantry; neither is Cavalry. :)

19-12-2011, 17:50
And for added benefit it was even clarified in the updated Skaven FAQ