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19-12-2011, 19:57
So I'm going to get a heavy support for me army, and I read about the mark I rhinos, which had twin linked bolters essentially duct-taped to a las cannon. This would be a great choice for me, as it has unit capacity as well. Nnow my question is this: can you make the above mentioned weapon from the vanilla razorback box, or do I need a conversion kit. If it requires a kit then I'll just go ahead and pick up a predator.

19-12-2011, 20:13
Mark 1 Razorbacks had a las cannon with A plasma gun on either side when they first came out many moons ago.

Not bolters.

19-12-2011, 20:22
Mark 1 Razorbacks had a las cannon with A plasma gun on either side when they first came out many moons ago.

Not bolters.

And as far as I know you don't get that option in the box.

Only twin linked lascannons or twin linked heavy bolters.

I have seen some cool predator turret conversions though

19-12-2011, 22:14
No, the ORIGINAL mk 1 Razorback ONLY had the lascannon/twin plasma guns combo (metal bits on plastic tank)

Mk2 had twin heavy bolters OR twin lascannons (metal bits on plastic tank). Different turret design and weapons.

Current version is also las or heavy bolter (all plastic). Different turret design again (unmanned this time).

19-12-2011, 23:17
Hmm...guess its the predator. I didn't want to have to choose between anti armor or infantry murder on the razor back, so the mark 1 was apealling. Prolly cost too much for the one bit though.

20-12-2011, 13:00
Quite possible to convert using two Plasma Guns and a Lascannon from the Razorback Sprue. I've seen variants with the two Plasma Guns on one side: ii|L and a variant of the old layout: iLi. I'd say that the first of these is much easier to do...

20-12-2011, 16:50
You can make the exact copy of the old variant.

Install the Lascannons guns as normal, cut both barrels off at the housing, move one barrel into the exact middle of the housings (You'll need to green stuff the middle a little to make it work and look seamless. I've also seen people use the barrel of an Interceptor Lascannon or Guard HW Team Lascannon instead and that looks fairly decent). Cut two plasma guns just behind the plasma coils, glue one on each side of lascannon barrel.

Voila, done.

20-12-2011, 19:26
For a modern flavour on the old design you could use a storm raven turret, the cockpit style harks back to the open top design