View Full Version : 1500 point army for local tourney

19-12-2011, 22:37
Hey im trying out a semi competitive local tourney which is 1500 pts. This is my list, feel free to comment.

Orc War Boss (180)
Gold sigil sword, enchanted shield, Talisman of perservation

Savage orc shamen (120)
Lucky shrunken head

Night goblin shamen (75)
dispell scroll

Night goblin boss (34)
Great weapon

Orc big boss (115)
BSB, Armor of Fortune

28 Savage orcs (343)
Add HW, Big Un's, Full command

20 night goblins (110)
bows, 2 fanatics

5 goblin wolf riders (60)
spears, shields

20 black orcs (285)
Full command, banner of eternal flame

3 trolls (105)

2 spear chuckkas (70)


The gobo characters are in unit of night goblin archers, the savage shamen and the bsb are with the savage unit, and the bsb is with the black orcs...

let me know what you think. thanks

19-12-2011, 22:52
sorry the lord is with the savages...

20-12-2011, 17:13
I'd give the war boss the Stubborn Crown if you can, the last thing you want on the Savages is a failed frenzy test resulting in the unit getting flanked.

Spear Chukkas are pretty average, I think Pump Wagons or Manglers would fit in better.

20-12-2011, 18:26
Crown is a good call. I only added chukkas cause my friend said I couldn't kill his hydras with one so I'm going to try to prove him wrong