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20-12-2011, 16:39
Hi seers, I need help on finding an army to play my brother, he has been playing salamanders for 6 years and im just starting out, would like to find out what you seers think I would be good with

Corvus Corone
20-12-2011, 16:41
Need a little more info there squire.

For example:
-Do you play for fun or to win, or both?
-Do you like horde or elite armies, or both?
-Do you like a serious minded army, or one that takes a more light hearted approach to combat?
-Shooty or choppy?

The more we know, the better.

20-12-2011, 16:49
I would like to win, but have fun doing it...

I would also like to be able to shoot a little but launch a convincing counter when the time comes...

My brother told me to start at around 1,000 or 1,500 points but im not sure how to get what I want

I like the idea of a small scouting army, that tends to hide in the shadows and make fast, small but crippling strikes

As a wize man once said Strike hard, Strike fast, Strike often

The Death of Reason
20-12-2011, 16:52
Take a look at the GW website, and choose the army whose models you like the best :)

20-12-2011, 16:56
I have had a look on several occasions and unfortunately I cant decide between them, I like the idea of the Imperial guard and how robust the space marines are, I did not take to the Orks

The Death of Reason
20-12-2011, 17:11
How about the bugs, or the eldar variants?

20-12-2011, 17:12
If you had the money, I'd suggest Sisters of Battle.

You MIGHT like Grey Knights as they can mix and match with Space Marines and normal joes, but they tend to be considered a little overpowered...

Corvus Corone
20-12-2011, 17:19
Well, most armies can be maneuverable and pretty fast. For example:

-Orks Warbikers/ speed freeks: A decent balance of shooty choppy if you take trukks of shootas with warbikers (which can be scoring), deffkoptas (decent anti-tank) and buggies.

-Space marines: White Scars/ Ravenwing/ Ravenguard / Blood Angels

-Dark Eldar: Probably the fastest army out there.

-Eldar: Can be nippy with jetbikes, vypers and falcons.

-Imperial guard: Air-Cav style force with valkyries and vendettas supported by rough riders, sentinels and even some artillery.

So you see, almost any army can be speedy and scouty.

Possibly best to read up on the background of each race, take a look at the models and go with your gut.

20-12-2011, 17:25
What kind of experience do you have building scale models? Some armies like space marines, and imperial guard are much easier to build than others like dark eldar, chaos daemons etc. So it's worth taking that into consideration as well.

20-12-2011, 17:41
Could do an Eldar scouting force, couple pathfinder squads lots of vipers and war walkers with some guardians with heavy weapons as objective holders.

20-12-2011, 17:45
I would like to win, but have fun doing it...

I would also like to be able to shoot a little but launch a convincing counter when the time comes...

My brother told me to start at around 1,000 or 1,500 points but im not sure how to get what I want

I like the idea of a small scouting army, that tends to hide in the shadows and make fast, small but crippling strikes

As a wize man once said Strike hard, Strike fast, Strike often

Raven Guard, dude!


20-12-2011, 17:49
Raven guard... intreasting... I have had a look at those, and what I remeber is there a space marine chapter, not sure how I would go about doing them though :D

I have just sat with my friend and done a list for imperial guard based on artillary and anti-tank power, I shall post it on the lists bit and will have a look at my brothers codex now, I just go grab it :D

20-12-2011, 17:55
Can I ask how you seers would go about putting a raven guard army togeather?

Sunshine and Night
20-12-2011, 18:15
Use blood angels rules, make conversions for counts as characters and dont use Death Company or Sanguinary Priests or make some really cool fluff reason about why you can use them!

20-12-2011, 18:57
Im thinking scouts with boltguns and camo cloaks, a dreadnaught (maybe venerable) with a close combat arm and assault cannon

not sure about HQ choice,

any other ideas would be nice please

20-12-2011, 19:51
HQ will vary, depending on the codex. Raven Guard have their own character in Codex: Space Marines in Shrike. He's a pretty good character, too, even before his Chapter Tactics come into play.

20-12-2011, 20:13
Ravenwing/Deathwing. Both are elite, and have firepower. I may be a little biased though, I'd say Ravenwing.

20-12-2011, 20:23
I like the black and white armies, what do you think of scouts with boltguns and camo cloaks, a 3+ cover save and the ability to do what a tactical marine squad can for less points :D

and I love the idea of the dreadnaughts with assault cannons :D

Corax the Deliverer
21-12-2011, 05:31
I borrowed this from another Raven Guard discussion on this board for your benefit. If you get a chance to check out the Forgeworld's Raven Guard squads and character. They really out did themselves. And after your last post it sounds like you are getting into the Raven Guard's way of fighting. Good luck.

From the Index Astartes
Combat Doctrine

The Raven Guard follows the dictates of the Codex Astartes closely, though they do differ in the tactical application of their troops. The Raven Guard depends heavily on Scout forces able to act alone for extended periods of time, and rapid reaction forces such as jump pack equipped assault troops. Quite commonly, they will deploy their tactical squads in Drop Pod maneuverer or Thunderhawks in response to intelligence gathered by their Scouts. The Chapter's forte in covert operations means that they will rarely engage in a frontal battle unless no other option presents itself. Where possible, the Raven Guard will use precise application of force to cripple their enemy while avoiding a protracted engagement.

Dreadnoughts of the Raven Guard, while rare, are also quite commonly deployed via drop pods. This approach leads to a Chapter which can assemble its forces extremely rapidly and can react quickly to unexpected developments. When their numbers were limited during the days of the Horus Heresy, the Chapter's troops became experts in guerrilla warfare, and this has carried on to the present day, with the Chapter very rarely utilising heavily armoured vehicles.


After the massacre of Istvaan V, the Raven Guard had to make to do with older armour and equipment. The resources were simply not available to re-equip them and even today there is a higher percentage of ancient suits of armour amongst the Chapter than most others. The owners of these suits view themselves as blessed by the Primarch and fight to prove themselves his equal.

The Raven Guard's ability to have troops in vital locations to wreak havoc is legendary, and their mastery of rapid troop deployment and squad level tactics has been studied by many other Chapters. In several well-documented cases, the precise application of force in the right place has led to a rebellion being stopped before it has truly begun. However, their primary strength in battle is their ease of deployment. With most of the Chapter's Space Marines usually being drop pod deployed, or otherwise mobile, they can rapidly reassess a combat situation immediately before engaging, which gives them the ability to deal effectively with a rapidly changing battlefield.

21-12-2011, 09:58
Thanks, Im now thinking of scouts/scout bikes being deployed with locator beacons and infiltrate into building for a 3+ cover save and then having my tac squads/assault squads or dreads in drop pods and bringing them in near the scouts to provide support without scatter, maybe a land speeder strom or 2 for the use of jammers and to stop others dropping right in and messing with the scouts while my drop pods are getting prepared for insertion

21-12-2011, 17:12
If you use blood angels rules , death company could fit the bill of the mutated clones with the unstable gene-seed. I think blood angels with some slight self regulations would be a pretty good start for raven guard.

Corax the Deliverer
22-12-2011, 00:36
It sounds like you really got the philosophy of RG, have a fun army, and unique. You will have to keep us posted on how you like it. Good luck.

22-12-2011, 01:13
ill try, my brother lent me the models I need to try out this list before I send cash, after all he got about 30k points of salamanders sitting round, I played 2 hames today and nearly fell over when (with my brothers tuition) I won...

the 2 dreads came down 1st turn and butcherd they guys transports with chainfists on the charge uing the infil scout beacons, landed 6" from the enemy :D

after that it was turn 3 before the tac squad arrived and landed on his objective to make it a 2 - 1 victory on objectives.

the 2nd game was kill points and once again the dreads were used like a can opener but I used the placement of my pids to force the guy to funnel is troops into a turkey shoot

22-12-2011, 01:42
Raven Guard! Woo! :D

I've been playing them since 2003 and I have a lot of fun with them, even when they lose. Doing tank-heavy 40k is lame sauce... hopefully your brother doesn't have a gnarly mechanized Salamanders army, as they are really solid but kinda bland. I've had a Salamanders army since about 1999, so I know a lot about them, too :D Mine's a more old school list, but my roommate has a newer list full of TH/SS Terminators, Land Raider Redeemer, Sternguard, 3 Dreadnoughts, Rhinos, Predators...:eyebrows:

Anyway, here's a quick copy of the last army list I used at 1500 for the Raven Guard. Not the most competitive thing ever, and it doesn't fully embrace the new codex (I don't have that many Scouts or a Storm yet, for example) but it was a fun list and made use of some new models, like Termis and a Landspeeder Typhoon. I highly recommend Typhoons. Sooo much dakka!

6x Assault Marines, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword (for the love of god get yourself a powerfist or lightning claws, lol)

Dreadnought w/ Assault Cannon
5x Terminators w/ Cyclone Launcher, 2x Chainfists

10x Tactical Squad, Powerfist, whatever guns you like, Rhino
10x Tactical Squad, Power weapon, whatever guns you like
6x Scouts w/ Bolters, missile launcher

Landspeeder Typhoon with Multi melta and Typhoon launcher

8x Devastators w/ 2x Lascannons

Lots of room to "optimize" the crap out of the list if you are building the army with more modern competition in mind... my army was 8 years old, remember! Things right off the top of my head that I'd add to the list would probably be a sixth Terminator and Telion, just to make those damn scouts hit once in a while with the rocket launcher :D Camo cloaks would be cool too.

To make it more "themed" you could easily change out the Devs for bikes or another Typhoon.

<edit> 30,000 points of Salamanders? Holy balls!

You didn't charge on the turn you entered the game via Drop Pod, did ya? That's not a thing you can do :D </edit>

22-12-2011, 08:16
No, he drps his drop pods, flames you for what it worth then waits a turn making you re roll any pen hits on the dreads and flames then charges next turn, with everything, 2 dreads and 5 TH/SS termies and a radier redeemer

22-12-2011, 14:46
Yeah that sounds like every Salamanders list ever :p

22-12-2011, 14:55
tell me about it, he keeps kicking my a**

I need a way to take out 2 venerables and a raidr in turn 1 lol, then the game will be mine :D

Battleworthy Arts
22-12-2011, 18:33
tell me about it, he keeps kicking my a**

I need a way to take out 2 venerables and a raidr in turn 1 lol, then the game will be mine :D

Land Speeders.

Point for point, the most effective model in the Space Marine army. Armed with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta, they are a threat to everything, and cheap.

Of course, they are even better in the hands of the Salamanders... :shifty:

Commissar Davis
23-12-2011, 19:38
I would recommend starting with Eldar. They are not the most forgiving army, but you will pick up the basics and learn tactics better. If you can play Eldar effectively, just about any other army easy to pick up.

Or there is Imperial Guard. Try and draw up a list that balances Mech and Sloggers to get a feel for the game. Can be most rewarding to play, and irritating for Marine players.